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  1. feray

    Mobile Phone Tools software

    Thanx Fitz! =)
  2. feray

    Need some help with an upgrade.

    I have nothing to do with your discussion and understand nothing about Vista but I could use a beer too... can you deliver one to Buenos Aires, Argentina? :) I am new on this forum and find it amazing that you are all so nice and helpful to each other. Cheers for that!
  3. feray

    Mobile Phone Tools software

    Thanx for being so sweet and helpful :) Thank you for the tip, I thought I could get it for free as some people in this same forum said so but didn't pass the link to download the drivers. Thanx anyway :)
  4. feray

    Mobile Phone Tools software

    Hi to everybody! I am new here so be patient with me please! I am trying to get the Mobile Phone Tools software for V3 for free. Does anybody know where to download it? Thanx! :nervous: