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    Catalyst 4.6's released

    Yes you have to uninstall 4.5 first.
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    Input devices - Advice

    I have got a MS Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0 which doesn't have the clicks on the mouse wheel. I think it's a really nice mouse to use apart from it's a bit of a pain changing weapons in FPS games as its quite easy to go straight past the weapon you want, as the wheel is so sensitive even...
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    Keep a vid card O/C'ed??

    I've been overclocking my gfx cards for the last few years, and never had a problem. On average I have overclocked them by about 50mhz. For example my old GF4 ti4200 was clocked at 300 core and 570 mem, instead of the stock value of 250 core and 512 mem.
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    Far Cry benchmark

    Max Settings Min Settings
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    Is my monitor dying?

    I had this problem when I had a GF4 ti4200. What dets are you using? As it only happened to me when I used 50 series drivers, but never happened with the 40 series.
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    I have also noticed the new hack.
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    9800 PRO vs 5900XT

    The X600 is just the pci-express version of the 9600.
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    9800 PRO vs 5900XT

    That gainward is not stock speed, it just comes already overclocked. The stock 5900xt speed is 390mhz. Also you can't go by what people on newegg say, as that's just their personal opinion and not a fact backed up by benchmarks. If you are planing to play halflife 2 when it comes out the only...
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    Problems with using UK o2 Network

    I'm on vodafone and it works for me, may just be a O2 thing.
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    A man who tried to fight city hall, literally!

    OMG! That was one crazy man in that bulldozer.
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    Wallpapers... Post and Request

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    June 2004 Desktop Captures

    Nice wallpaper thekore, any chance of posting it?
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    9800 PRO vs 5900XT

    Here you go, have you checked if its a r360 yet?
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    9800 PRO vs 5900XT

    I don't think you can flash a AIW 9800Pro to XT as there isn't a AIW XT
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    9800 PRO vs 5900XT

    The main difference between the r350 and r360 is that the r360 has optimisations for PS 2 that the XT use. Which is the reason you can't flash a r350 based 9800pro as it missing the optimisations that the XT bios use for PS 2. edit: Just reflashed my bios with a different one because I was...
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    9800 PRO vs 5900XT

    Flashed my 9800pro to a XT, but kept clock speeds at stock 9800pro for now. My 3dmarks 03 score went up 275 marks. :) Which is nice seeing as its not running at XT speeds. The link to my new score vs my old score can be found here
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    9800 PRO vs 5900XT

    You have to remove the cooler on the card to check what it says on core, but most Sapphire ones use the r360 core, but you still need to check just in case its a r350 core. I just took my cooler of my Built By Ati 9800pro and its a r360 core, but on some software I used it said it was a r350, so...
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    9800 PRO vs 5900XT

    There is a 128meg version of the XT bios, but it will only work with 9800pros with the r360 core. This link from the ocuk forums covers everything you need to know.
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    Lan Gaming

    Worms 3D is rubbish imo, if you are to play Worms at a LAN it has to be Worms World Party. Battlefield 1942/Desert Combat/Vietnam is always good at a LAN, infact that's all we normally play at the LANs I attend. Other good games are UT2004, C+C Generals, Soldat and Aliens vs Predator 1 or 2.
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    Funny Picture Thread