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  1. crabshack

    Mario Anyone?

    For all your troubles here is another flash game.
  2. crabshack

    Mario Anyone?

    Try this
  3. crabshack

    identify processes using a file

    In solaris you can run fuser to see which process is using a particular file. Is there a similar thing in Windows?
  4. crabshack

    How Did You Get Your User Name?

    I was sick and tired of putting my full name at every website I went to and then I came on this site while searching for Razr drivers but they wouldn't let me till I joined and I had just been to a crab house like 10 months back and the taste of fresh crabs lingered in my mouth so I took this...
  5. crabshack

    The Really Long Thread

    Here is my contribution. in a little color too.
  6. crabshack

    Mario Anyone?

    Found this online. I am sure you can go to your temp folder and save it someplace where you can play it again without going online. Enjoy.
  7. crabshack

    Funny Video Thread

    and more
  8. crabshack

    Funny Video Thread

    Cats are always so seriously funny.
  9. crabshack

    Just played the Xbox 360...

    We are the lazy generation no Doubt. Incidently that is a well placed song in the Burnout3. A new Burnout is coming out soon for the 360. Man my weekends are done.
  10. crabshack

    XBox 360 Generations ?

    :suprised: I am seeing XBox 360 consoles for sale that claim they are the 2nd or even 3rd generation of 360 with fewer problems than there were when it was launched. How do I know what generation my XBox 360 console is?
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    The Official “New To This Community” Thread

    Just Hi Hi.I just joined today. ;)
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    How good are your parking skills?

    I was so miserable on failing the test (in the game) I forgot to put the link. Here
  13. crabshack

    How good are your parking skills?

    You think you are the best eh? Well I did too. Trust me I was stumped. It is harder than it seems. Then I am more used to power steering. :)
  14. crabshack

    The Official “New To This Community” Thread

    First Introductions are really important. Just joined this forum. Just dropped in a message to say Hi. :)