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    Why I don't believe antivirus reports

    The only Norton product I've found invaluable (and actually does the job) is Ghost 2003 for keeping a backup image of my system drive. Everything else is beaten by the competition in ease of use, impact on system resources, and probably reliability too. My ISP provides it's members with...
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    Image color in Photoshop not correct

    If your main concern is getting a match between PS and the Windows preview, try setting the PS Color Settings to "Colour Management Off". However, PS always uses Colour Management to a greater or lesser extent (you can't actually turn it off), Windows viewers don't use CM so you will never get...
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    Why I don't believe antivirus reports

    Let's not get too hasty in condemning/recommending virus-scanners on the strength of the results from just one particular virus. With a different virus, the results could well be entirely different or reversed. Let common sense prevail. If a particular AV program is *consistently* bad (or good)...
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    Help with IBM

    The great thing about any PC is it's basically a box of components which are fitted to thousands of other PCs even though the badge is different. If your friend is able to get windows running (allbeit with wrong driver - you didn't say whether wrong sound driver or video driver?) he can download...
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    Looking for best/easiest fax software

    Or you could use one of the free 'email to fax' services if you have an email address of your own to send from. You send an email to the mail2fax service, they send it as a fax to your chosen fax number.
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    Has anyone had this problem?

    Exactly same problem here. The drivers supplied with my NVidia card work fine. Latest drivers aren't always a 'must have'. If the ones you have do the job stick with them.That's true of all device drivers -- newer doesn't necessarily mean better.
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    This a tech-help forum mate. I'm sure most members can do without this blatant advertising. Post a problem or post a possible remedy to someone else's problem please. That's the whole point of this forum.
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    Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool 1.2

    Don't rely on it too much --- it's already been crippled by the baddies.
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    windows path

    you don't say which OS you are using but in earlier versions of DOS/Windows the path statement has to be placed in AUTOEXEC.BAT
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    [bsod] Irql_not_less_or_equal
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    incredibly weird and very annoying S-Video out issue...

    Change your primary display to be the TV instead of monitor? Windows won't complete boot-process if it can't find the device you've set to be the primary display (ie monitor, which you unplugged!)
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    service pack 2 product key

    I read that with SP2, Microsoft were so concerned that it's extra security patches and features be available to everyone, that they decided not to include a check for dodgy product keys like they did with SP1. No mention of checking my key when I installed SP2 on both my systems - just went...
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    Only some Thumbnails show.....

    what format are the .non-showing thumbnails? if u r sure they are all JPEG or BMP (the only bitmap formats that ME will show as thumbnails) then try deleting the 'thumbs.db' file in the same folder so Windows has to build a new one.
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    Windows Explorer won't maximize when opening | Directory views not remembered

    Your Windows Explorer problem could be the properties settings for the executable's shorcut. Right-click on the shortcut for Windows Explorer. Under the 'Shortcut' tab, check that the 'Run' setting says Normal Window or Maximised, and not minimised. If you have more than one shortcut for WE...