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  1. Tuffgong4

    best programs for android?

    Astro Fileexplorer Handcent SMS Google Goggles Google Gesture Search Titanium Backup Ak Notepad Google Maps w Navigation (if you are running 2.1) Quick Boot (rooted) Urbanspoon Amazon Wifi Tether I can't add anymore, but XDA Developers is the place to be for the newest and best on ANY platform...
  2. Tuffgong4

    smart phone plan insanity.

    back from the dead I know :) if you have good coverage with sprint they have the best and easiest plans. 99.99 unlimited everything. no extra charges for anything, get any smart phone you want and you are done. Currently my wife and I share 1500 minutes with unlimited text and data for...
  3. Tuffgong4

    Help decide on GPU and PSU

    I don't see you having any issues with that PSU and GPU. the PSU is SLI ready so they wouldn't allow you to have to worry about 1 card in there as opposed to the advertised two. Any particular reason you are focused on that particular GPU and PSU?
  4. Tuffgong4

    android support

    I'm way late to this party as I've had a ton of things going on that has kept me from my first online home...(osnn of course) But if you are looking for good Android Support,, are my favorite places.
  5. Tuffgong4

    Confirmed Where is everyone?!!?

    Back and doing everything I can to keep active here. A baby on the way and a new house is kicking my butt!
  6. Tuffgong4

    ep's going to kill me

    I have gotten way to involved with the htc touch pro for sprint and that is probably why I've been MIA on this board for some time. I'm actually running a pretty stable version of 6.5 on my original touch pro. So EP if you really wanted to test out flashing your touch HD with 6.5 you could...
  7. Tuffgong4

    SSH server windows

    thanks i'm going to try it out!
  8. Tuffgong4

    SSH server windows

    Hey LA, can you point me in the right direction of a tutorial on installing virtual box on my vista x64 box running ubuntu for the ssh server?? I know the port forwarding but the other part i don't know.
  9. Tuffgong4

    SSH server windows

    I have freesshd installed and working, i can log into it through putty but I can't get my web traffic to be passed through it. I'll post screen shots of the settings in Freesshd to see if someone can help...the forums at the website don't seem to helpful... EDIT...screenshots These 3...
  10. Tuffgong4

    SSH server windows

    for today I'm just going to try freesshd and see if I configured it right...if that doesn't work I will take a closer look at hamachi. I'm a fan of using putty and an ssh server at my home so I'll try that first.
  11. Tuffgong4

    SSH server windows

    I'll have to look into that one...thanks!!
  12. Tuffgong4

    SSH server windows

    yeah I'm at a loss, want to thank everyone for the help...I think I'm going to install freesshd and test it...also just got a dllink dir 655 router and not a single port forward works for me so it might just be a moot point until I get the forwarding to working,
  13. Tuffgong4

    SSH server windows

    Is there a way to only tunnel web traffic from firefox only though? I don't want everything else tunneled. Work has its own vpn so all work apps and outlook would need to go over that vpn.
  14. Tuffgong4

    SSH server windows

    I know nothing of linux, setting up a VPS or anything. it worked great with ddwrt (linux derivative if I'm correct) and I didn't have to think, just enabled ssh set up the port and logged in.
  15. Tuffgong4

    SSH server windows

    would this work with just web traffic? I was using ssh on my dd-wrt and I just literally connected with putty and tunnelled all of my web traffic through it...maybe i don't know enough about this stuff about "how it works" but wouldn't using a vpn send all data through it?
  16. Tuffgong4

    SSH server windows

    because whereever I am at (traveling, at airports, etc) I owuld like to send my web traffic over that with putty and firefox then having my traffic broadcast all over. I travel a lot and want to tunnel that traffic.
  17. Tuffgong4

    SSH server windows

    Could someone point me in the right direction to set up a SSH server on vista business machine behind a router. I've tried OPENssh and the cygwin install would not work...I've also looked into Freesshd but I have no clue on how to set it up. I had it working on my DD-WRT router but I had to...
  18. Tuffgong4

    XBox 360 or PS3?

    I have a 2006 Xbox 360 and a ps3 (and a wii but that is not relevant). Huge pluses and minuses to both but I am forcing myself to buy multiplatform games for the ps3 because it has started to collect dust. For all media uses I use the 360. It seems that the codec support is much better and...
  19. Tuffgong4

    My new HP TouchSmart IQ816

    that is sweet!
  20. Tuffgong4

    $59 no rebate 1TB Samsung 5400RPM SATA

    well they came through with the coupon so I'm sort of happy. Finding something to use that coupon on with was next to impossible. I've never seen more products "out of stock" at any retailer in my life.