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    i just recieved an email

    somebody i havent heard from in a long time told me to come here and register as 2.0 now i see why did all of you miss me well now im back thanks xsivforce
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    99 bottles of beer on the wall

    forum guidlines where did they come from wow this place is going to the dogs no obscene posting at least it doesnt say offensive so i can still ask V V V V V V V V V
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    99 bottles of beer on the wall

    99 bottles of beer
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    Who wants to go first?!?

    you would log on now
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    virtual pimp hard at work

    i'm gonna ICQ him
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    Who wants to go first?!?

    i'm bored and there's only one moderator i say we have a mutiny and start posting nude pics of ourselves
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    Does your phone # secretly say things about you?

    scary88 huh now all i have to do is figure out the area code
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    is it too late for me to act up? i could do a lot of juvenile stuff
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    If you had one bullet ...

    hi Jewelzz :D
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    XP-erience Needs you !!!

    I'd like to be nominated for town molester, uh, i mean town pervert.
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    Describe the perfect man for Jewelzz

    the perfect man for Jewelzz would probably be a scout master and like photography i wish i knew someone like that
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    How Gay are You

    100% is that possible?
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    Lycoris vs. XP ??

    i think the worst part of linux is its gui that distro and redmond linux are steps in the right direction user friendliness thats all linux needs to start getting real consumer and industry support
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    What Would be the Best Network Server?

    windows 2000 advance server is the best os and solution you will find
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    KaZaa Trojan

    since i started using kazaa months ago i wondered why it wanted to start with the computer i also had problems with it using 100% of the cpu now its making some sense giving candy only to have lsd inside brilliant idea and shitty
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    Candy for strangers

    where da' at?
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    Candy for strangers

    thats what ive been saying all along <-notice
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    The Annoyed One...

    wtf are you guys talking abot you think i'm someboby else
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    The Annoyed One...

    wtf is a "ms slippyfist" everyone one know i don't love no hoes
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    Name That celebrity...

    im impressed emmie-chan your go