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    *Sigh* I need a laptop

    Just to back up zeke here, I have had MANY horrible experiences with Dell tech support. I run a small repair company and have had to deal with Dell on many, many instances with client systems. Every so often I get someone who actually knows what they are doing, and will listen when I explain to...
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    Game titles that work with Windows Vista

    Thanks for that link man, it's answering alot of my questions on alot of the software that i use regularly, plus the games!
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    Game titles that work with Windows Vista

    anyone having trouble running Oblivion on Vista? Contemplating upgrading, but want to make sure my stuff will work first...
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    password protecting folders....

    Anyone know of a good program that will place password protection of files and folders on a multiple user win XP system? I have tried many, but the problem I continue to encounter is that none of them will place a password on anything in "My Documents" under my username (which is the...
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    favorite movies

    Well, reading through everyone's favs has definately brought some to mind for me, so I thought i'd toss mine into the mix. (Not necessarily in order of favorite) Braveheart Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Memento Reservoir Dogs Chasing Amy Happy Gilmore Office Space Event Horizon...
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    Pledge of Allegiance --- Petition

    Armis36- I have to applaud you for your open mind, and the understanding way that you are raising your children. Alot of society's problems would be solved if more parents would encourage their children to keep their minds open and explore all options, not to blindly believe what their...
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    Arizona Wildfire

    yeah, my sister's live in Flagstaff, and i've talked to them once or twice a week just to make sure it hasn't started heading up their way....
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    Pledge of Allegiance --- Petition

    Catch23- Thank you for correcting what I said, I should have worded it differently. I am all doped up on painkillers tonight, I had dental surgery a couple of days ago, so my brain is a little cloudy, heh.....:D
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    Pledge of Allegiance --- Petition

    thanks Lonman, i'm retarded............heh:D
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    Pledge of Allegiance --- Petition

    A Bit Of Clarity.......... FIRST AND FOREMOST: I would just like to clarify a few things that have been said in this thread, as to prevent anyone from getting false information: To start off with, the pledge we say now is different from the original (not just the God part). It was...
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    FP: Breaking Up Windows..

    Well, i agree with Gnu on the browser issue, because i remember when most people used Netscape (I did in the early days). But even though most people are now using IE, i don't see any basis for a lawsuit. The general opinion that i have recieved from talking to people on the net and off, is...
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    Got a problem....

    alright, so i made a user account so that other people can use my computer while my files stay private, and the only problem i am running into is that when i am logged on to the "other" account, i cannot open Musicmatch Jukebox (which is what i use to listen to MP3s) Hopefully someone out there...
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    Encyclopedia of XP tweaks

    Well, i guess i've been out of the loop here, i was moving so i was without net access for a couple of days, but what's all this about a guy going off about including the services list in the doc? Just curious, I would like to read it if someone can let me know where to find his antics......i'm...
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    Encyclopedia of XP tweaks

    i believe that dealer meant the "backspace" button on the keyboard......;)
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    Encyclopedia of XP tweaks

    updated tweak file I got Spellcheck to work on my comp, so i checked the new doc. I also caught a few references to that were labled, so i changed those too. And i changed the example site on the ctrl+enter shortcut for quick url's in IE to yahoo, since htat...
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    CPU Temperature

    heh, my 1.4G AMD Thunderbird stays around 32 degrees when i'm just surfin or chatting, but under full work load it'll get up to around 45.........never seen it above 50......:D
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    Curious: How to add user to XP

    Ok, well this may seem like a dumb question, but i have NO experience with multiple users on any form of windows, so i figured this would be the best place to find out. What i want to do is add a user to my computer, which is using XP Home: installed for only one user (so I never get the logon...
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    under skin chip

    AMEN TO THAT! heh, I have to totally agree with you about ikester being completely and utterly incoherent. I didn't understand half of the things that he said, besides the fact that some of the stuff he was spouting off had nothing to do with anything in the whole thread: when did anyone...
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    under skin chip

    I find alot of things wrong with the information presented on that website that ikester7579 posted for us to view. The information on that site has been gleaned from a tremendus amount of sources and jumbled together to give the appearance of congruent sentences. Also, if you look closely at...
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    under skin chip

    I Agree I think the government can take these chips and shove them. I personally would not want any such device anywhere near me. They want us to think that these chips would offer us more safety and security, make our lives easier by automatically identifying us, but this is total bullshit...