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    Windows Aero

    This is false, the GMA 950 supports Aero glass, it was specifically designed for that purpose. What model of Dell do you own?
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    Apple Sales Leap 75%

    there are alot of reasons Apple didn't go with AMD. The major one would be that Intel would be a cheaper and more reliable supplier due to their size. Also AMD and IBM to alot of R&D together, so as far as Steve Jobs is concerned, they're the same company. And if Steve is pissed because...
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    May 2005 Desktops Screenshots

    Thanks Gonaads
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    May 2005 Desktops Screenshots

    iBook PC
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    click here to begin!

    but it's not like the tooltips are in the way, I use them alot, to figure out what a button does, I miss applications that don't do this.
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    IE and Nvidia get these. then removes the Windows Driver from the Device manager and install the nvidia ones.
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    Google Desktop Search final

    I find this funny, most of you guys are say "oh I'll pass" "I don't like the idea of this" but all the Mac folks just can't wait for a similar thing from Apple in their newest release of Mac OS X Tiger (10.4)
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    April 2005 Desktops Screenshots

    Here's the iBook- full of Mac OS X goodness Here's my PC- with a women :)
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    Luxpro corp "Super Shuffle"

    sorry!! lol, I seem to have forgotten how to read!
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    Question regarding Desktop Hard Drive icon

    I also tried that :)
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    Question regarding Desktop Hard Drive icon

    yes, that's set, but now it shows the name, and the total size... not the name, total size and space remaining like it used to
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    Question regarding Desktop Hard Drive icon

    I'm a new mac user, so if this is a dumb question, I'm sorry. I have my desktop set to show item info. It used to show how much disk space I had left on my hard drive, as well as total size of the drive... I don't know what setting I hit, but now, it only tells me total size, on it...
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    Luxpro corp "Super Shuffle"

    It turns out they were just using it as a demo, to show companies they could do it.
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    March 2005 Desktop Screenshots

    I thought I'd post both my desktops! the 12" iBook my PC
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    New iBook owner!

    I just took delivery of a brand new 12" iBook... just thought I'd let you guys know I'd be more active in the future :) I love my new baby.
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    Mozilla Firefox 1.0.2 Final

    why would you want it to minimize to the system tray?
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    New Leatherman!

    It was $139 Canadian and I bought it from Canadian Tire
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    New Toy!! (Motorola V710)

    yes, on the inside, and outside.
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    New Leatherman!

    More Pictures!!
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    New Toy!! (Motorola V710)

    thought I'd show you my new toy! More pictures of Motorola V710