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    Vista WEI score

    Samsung q210 Processor: 5.2 Memory: 5.9 Graphics (Aero): 4.4 Graphics (Gaming): 5.1 Hard Drive: 5.3 EDIT: no real need to post lol after looking at my sig.
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    December 2008 Desktop Screenshots

    Cheers Carpo
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    December 2008 Desktop Screenshots

    Whats the wee app that has Duffy on? Skin for Media Player?
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    FREE Zonealarm Pro (if you want it)

    I'm still waiting for a confirmation email with a download link....
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    Vista : Window Explorer - DVD/CD drive does not show

    On the right hand side click the wee downward pointing arrow beside Devices with Removable Storage
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    October 2008 Desktop Screenshots

    Where did you source that theme? I must have it lol :)
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    I hate media libraries

    Don't know what causes it but it can be fixed by re-encoding it, through Audacity for example. Had this is issue for several songs and that sorted them, be sure to have the lame_enc.dll file handy for .mp3 (freely obtainable) As for issues with syncing, when you plug an iPod in and it appears...
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    Shares multiple folders through a script

    I know, I'm also known as originofsymmetry :)
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    Shares multiple folders through a script

    Hey, can anyone give any help in as to how to create a script that will share all folders within a given folder. An example of what I mean would be say in a school where each student has a home folder under their year group, how could I share all these folders individually without having to do...
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    iTunes Album Art Program?

    iArt can do it, you need to pay a small fee though
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    MP3 Gain - Tool for Normalizing MP3 Audio

    Can i normalise the sound in one file alone, like I have a poor copy of a few songs I like when they rather abruptly get louder then quieter, canit help there - anyone know of an app that will?
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    SP1 Failed to Fix Several Windows Vista Bugs, Do We Need SP2?

    Thankyou ED, I personally love Vista an any problem Ive had (blue screen etc) has all been due to drivers and Vista gave me a link on reboot right to the very .exe I needed to update - love that new problems re****ions feature.
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    First Zune 2 and Zune Flash Shots

    jonny813 hugs his iPod< you have nothing to fear. Is it just me but all the mid to high end players all closely resemble the iPod? Apple were creative enough to make it, why can't other compaines be more original in their designs.
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    WWE Suspends 10 for Drug, Steroid Use

    Is this the wrestlers first time being caught? As long as they are all there for when I see them in the odyseyy in Belfast in Novemeber I don't care to much. Wrestlers using steroids? Thought never-e-ever crossed my mind
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    finally caved, got me some vista

    Easily fixed, Start>Control Panel>Power Options>select your current power plan>Then choose Change Plan Settings>Change Advanced Power Settings>then in the new Window, find Power Buttons And Lid, expand it and change Start Menu Power Button to Shut Down
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    An insight into Vista Development

    I did not think it would take that many people to make the shutdown command, especially considering how we all change it so the standard button is restored and don't have to use the extra menu they made lol :)
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    PC Keeps Rebooting

    Tried viewing hidden files and folders, and showing protected operating system files? Might be viewable then
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    Assign Printer on Location

    OK, should I execute that or what?
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    Assign Printer on Location

    Windows Script Host returned the following: CN=PUB1,OU=PUBLIC,DC=TESTSERV,DC=local Seems fine to me
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    Assign Printer on Location

    Like this? set objSysInfo = CreateObject("ADSystemInfo") strComputerDN = objSysInfo.ComputerName "wscript.echo strComputerDN" intStart=InStr(0,strComputerDN,"ou=PUBLIC") if intStart <> 0 then intEnd=InStr(intStart,strComputerDN,",") strOU = mid(strComputerDN,intStart,intEnd)...