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    HDMI Out To TV

    I have the 5750, and it works. The only problem is if I change the receiver to watch something from my cable box. When I change back to PC, the HDMI doesn't connect right so I get picture with no sound. Easily solved by turning the receiver off/on. Little annoying because when I first...
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    looking for a lightweight program to edit mkv files? This is what I use. No re-encoding. I've never tried files in the 12GB range, but it works perfect for everything I've tried, usually less then 4GB
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    Shared Hard Drive

    sorry, its not the C:\ , just used ABC for the example. **Edit I kind of solved it with a workaround. I put everything on the drive in a folder and shared the folder. Not ideal, but it worked.
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    Shared Hard Drive

    So I have 3 HDD in my desktop (win 7 64), and share them with my wife's laptop (vista 32)...or try to anyway. Drive A - sharing multiple folders, can access them all Drive B - sharing the whole drive, can access the whole drive Drive C - Trying to share the whole drive, the same way as drive...
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    Media Player Suggestions?

    Hmm, I like it. Took awhile to go through all the options to get it configured the way I want. Which is almost a feature and a downfall in itself, that there's SO much available to be customized...but it can be hard to find certain options when you want them. The only downfalls I can find is...
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    Media Player Suggestions?

    For quite awhile now I've been using Media Player Classic HC combined with CCCP codec pack. It works great, does everything I want. However, every once and awhile I run into a file that was just encoded wrong/funny that MPC HC doesn't play right, usually too fast, or no sound (rare, but it...
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    Sound can't output to speakers unless BOTH devices are turned on.

    I found this DIY (says it costs about $15 in parts, and you need to solder some wires together) How to Make a 3.5mm Audio Switch (diy) Or on Amazon they have some switches (RCA) for $3.67, $6.99, and an actual 3.5mm switch for $14.51. audio switch I know you said you didn't want...
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    Sound can't output to speakers unless BOTH devices are turned on.

    Does your TV have an audio out connection? Either RCA or 3.5mm.
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    Vista To Win 7 Ugrade Question

    I'm thinking of upgrading my wife's laptop from Vista to Windows 7 and wanted to know if all the settings would be carried over? Most importantly she has remote access to her work computer, that I have no idea how to set up again, and want to make sure it would be carried over during the...
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    News µTorrent 2.0

    some private trackers are banning it...for now.
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    Intel Core Duo.... socket 478? This one was resurrected over 7 years later
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    Februrary 2010 Desktop Screenshots

    What program do you use to get the dock at the bottom like that? Here's mine
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    networking ok only in safe mode

    This wont help, but I had the exact same situation (Vista was 32Bit in my case), it was the main XP machine that all of sudden could not be reached. I forget which program I installed, but it was network related. I never really solved it, got to a point where it was intermittent, and was happy...
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    Any idea on how I can open this PDB file?

    PDB - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    2TB Hard Drive

    I hope your wrong about the Seagate 1.5TB drives, I bought one last week.
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    2TB Hard Drive

    Canada Computers - Hard Drives > Desktop Drives > 3.5" SATA Drives : Western Digital Caviar Green (WD15EADS) 1500GB (1.5TB) SATA 3 Gb/s 32MB (OEM). Ends today. They had a Seagate 1.5 on too, must have sold out
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    DTS priority over AC3?

    Thanks, worked perfectly I used that program a year or two ago for a similar problem...but couldn't remember the name of it. Thanks again
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    DTS priority over AC3?

    For what I thought would be a relatively simple question/answer, this has attracted WAY more attention then I think it deserves. Especially from the "I'm better then you" crowd who are too good to answer it, despite the fact that I guarantee every one of them have themselves downloaded a...
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    DTS priority over AC3?

    First I didn't provide a dl link to said movie. Second I've already said that I've figured out how to play it properly, just in a none convenient way. Third I never said that I broke any copyright laws in the process, so I'm not asking for help to do anything illegal. As I said in my last...