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    6800 Ultra PSU Requirements

    Mine is running fine at 400watts, Nvidia has reported alot of people are running 6800u with 350watts just fine. The card will tell you anyway, it has sentinal drivers which monitor the power, if its underpowered you get a warning box popup in windows
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    New Speakers Hissing =(

    Noooo thats the point, these speakers hiss even when unplugged from the pc, i tryed power conditioning already and a ground loop isolator with no luck. Next time i think ill try some ferrite coils on the speaker/remote wires but after that i give up, i think the case is that the gain is set so...
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    New Speakers Hissing =(

    Hiya, sorry bout reopening a year old topic, but did you manage to fix your hissing speakers? I just sent a set back for doing the exact same thing, hope i dont end up getting another hissing set back again. From the company who's been with computer audio since its birth, you'd expect creative...