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  1. oDin

    windows XP file incription

    if i remember correctly. once you encrypt a file or folder you will only be able to decrypt it with the user account with which it was encrypted or a recovery agent. not even the administrator will be able to decrypt it. the only way for you to decrypt your files would be to copy them to a...
  2. oDin

    web page help.

    ok, so I want to create a simple webpage that I can use to keep track of when I work. if possible, I would like it to be linked to a .doc or .txt file. so that I could update the .doc or txt files. I am not looking for anything fancy. just a simple grid calander type thing. i don't have...
  3. oDin

    yzdock download

    does anyone know where i can dowload yzdock from?? all the links i have found lead right to his site. which doesn't work because apple told the guy to stop making it. thanks oDin. HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!
  4. oDin

    problem with a 2200XP chip

    kewl...thanks guys
  5. oDin

    problem with a 2200XP chip

    ok this is a silly question, but i have been keeping up on my hardware info. i am demoing(not sure if that's a real word) this system. it has an AMD XP 2200, 512mb of PC2700 DDR RAM and a Soltek 75FRN2-L mobo. my questions is what is the clock speed of that chip? when it boots it says...
  6. oDin

    how do u move the program files dir.

    thanks Hipster. i already knew that you could change it after installing, just wondering if you could change it during the install. i only what windows on the c:\ partition.
  7. oDin

    how do u move the program files dir.

    yea thats what i figured...thanks man.
  8. oDin

    how do u move the program files dir.

    does anybody have any ideas??
  9. oDin

    missing computer?

    how is your network set up??
  10. oDin

    how do u move the program files dir.

    hey, i am gonna do a unattened install of XP. I want to have the Program File dir on my D: partition, instead of its' default location on C:. I can't remember the line you put in the unattended.txt file does anybody know what it is?? thanks oDin.
  11. oDin

    Xfree86 in VMWare?

    whats freeBSD like? i am running suse 8.1 now only because it would have taken me a week to dl freeBSD. is it worth waiting for the slow ass download? does it come with X and a gui? but most importantly will it make me feel all warm and fuzzy after a long day of windows? :D thanks.
  12. oDin

    Linux (suse) help

    does anyone know of some good linux forums, like this one. i have a couple of problems i need help with. thanks oDin.
  13. oDin

    do u guys know how to password protected a folder or files?

    if you are running xp or 2k you don't need to password protect folders and files. just right click them, click the advanced button. then simply put a check mark in the encrypt contents box. quick and easy way to prevent anyone from finding your porn or warez.
  14. oDin

    red hat getting to net

    try running netconfig from the console. you will need to be root to do it.
  15. oDin

    what not to stick up your bum.

  16. oDin

    what not to stick up your bum.

    errr...umm prob. don't have to much fun tonite :D :D
  17. oDin

    what not to stick up your bum.

    man, you find the weirdest things on the net. i was just clicking the first link i saw on a page. started at and ended up here that site has a list of objects that doctors have had to remove from peoples butt holes. can you imagine someone sticking a LIVE artillery shell up their...
  18. oDin

    Favorite series of Nintendo games

    the guy in castlevania...what is his name...its bugging me now. anybody know???
  19. oDin

    Favorite series of Nintendo games

    Mario rules!...all you little kids out there who call themselves "gamers" and have never played old skool mario, aren't. you are just mario deprived. :) i grew up with daily doses of mario, samus, the dude from castlevania can't remeber his name, and can't for get good ol'link. can't forget...
  20. oDin

    Online Event Log scanner

    just a heads up to everybody out there who might be interested in this. i found this site that will scan your even logs online, realtime. it displays the results in a nice, easy to read html page. basically what it does is make those audited events easier to understand. check it out here...