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    Post Your Case

    mmm... ur colours are more consistent and it looks nicer that way though punk ><
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    Post Your Case

    lol. that plastic tub is only worth about AUS$10.00
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    Post Your Case

    :p yeah it kinda is. though i need to get something softer.. hehe
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    Post Your Case

    nothing too special, just a superlanboy case with a cathode added. system: GA-8IPE1000 Pro2 P4C 2.6ghz 512MB DDR400 GEIL X2 Sapphire ATI 9700 Pro Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 Digital IBM 80GB 2MB Cache HDD X2 Samsung 160GB 8MB Cache SATA HDD Lite-On DVD-ROM Pioneer DVR-107D
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    Wanting a NEW V/C...

    the price actually varied alot more than that when i looked at a few of my wholesale suppliers.
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    Wanting a NEW V/C...

    and it costs more as well doesn't it? :p
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    Dual Monitor Setup

    so most LCD monitors don't come with DVI? :confused:
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    Which video card do you use?

    ATI Radeon 9700 Pro w/ 3.10 Catalyst.
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    January Desktop Captures

    nothing special.