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    Program still in Add/Remove Programs after uninstallation

    Title says it all...The program is Knights of the Old do I get rid of it? ~JM
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    Anyone seen this ?

    I dunno...Something seems not quite right about all that....
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    Checking e-mail from MSN Messenger

    So yesterday I began my attempt at switching to FireFox, and I've run into a snag...I use MSN Messenger, and there's a link where I can open up a browser to access my Hotmail account...the problem is, it opens up IE6 every time. I've set FireFox as my default browser, but I don't know what else...
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    Newbie Questions Needed! :)

    Ouch. Okay. Well...I might just have to find a cheap iMac somewhere then. *L* Thanks Speedy!
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    Newbie Questions Needed! :)

    Do you think that running PearPC, even at slow speeds, would be useful for learning how to use OSX? Or are the speeds even too terrible for that?
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    Newbie Questions Needed! :)

    Nice thread. I've been scared of macs for a while. :P I don't like change! Anyway, is it possible to install OSX on a Windows machine via dual booting? Or would I have to buy a Mac and install something like Virtual PC on it? ~JM
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    OSNN Wallop network

    Does anyone still have any invites? :)
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    Pierce Brosnan No Longer Bond

    I think Ewan McGregor would make a sweet Bond. Then he'd be only one role away from completing the "Kickass Male Role Trifecta," being Jedi, Bond, and then he could be liiiiiiiiiiiiike...I dunno. Something else cool. :D ~JM
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    WMP10 Library Arrangement Question

    Well, crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrap. :(
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    WMP10 Library Arrangement Question

    Hey folks, First of all, WMP10 rocks. :D Now the issue. I like to organize my music in there by album title. Only problem is, it seems to want to do it in an order that I don't like. For example, It places The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Soundtrack below The Return of the...
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    AVI to SVCD

    What application is best for making an AVI file into a SVCD? Anything easy/free? :) ~JM
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    Paris Hilton? haha! Almost. ;)

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    Microsoft Font

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    Microsoft Font

    Does anyone know what the font that Microsoft uses on its homepage graphics and product packaging is called? A guy in another forum mentioned "Sedoe UI" as the font, but I couldn't find anything about it anywhere. All help is appreciated. :) ~JM
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    Best game(s) for SNES, what do you guys think?

    Also Oh man, I almost forgot about Rampart! That game was awesome! ~JM
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    3DMark05 problem

    Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............. It's all so clear to me now. :) Thanks Sazar!
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    Best game(s) for SNES, what do you guys think?

    R-Type was good...I was always a fan of the side-scroller shooters. The oft-over-used favorites of Final Fantasy 3 and Chrono Trigger have their special places in my heart, however. :D ~TR
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    Logitech Media Mouse

    This concept is awesome. If only they could combine the media buttons on this mouse with the Lazer of the MX1000 and throw a cord on there...I'd buy that contraption in a heartbeat! Woo! ~TR
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    3DMark05 problem

    Anyone? Anyone?....Bueller?...Bueller? Anyone?
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    3DMark05 problem

    Whenever I try running the 3DMark tests, the program gives me this error: IDDirect3DDevice9::CreatePixelShader failed: Invalid call (D3DERR_INVVALIDCALL) I'm running a Ti4600 with the latest official drivers and DirectX 9.0c. Can anyone help me out with this thing? ~TR