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  1. Smoke286

    Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

    I did the Beta 1 thing, it was hard to use, the new Beta is light years ahead, in both functionality and features. I have been using it virtually bug free since the day it was released. I have to say, as one who never developed the fondness others did for Firefox, I am quite pleased to see IE...
  2. Smoke286

    Upgrade or wait?

    I would wait, also as mentioned previously, you will have trouble with your soundcard
  3. Smoke286

    Netryder - Firefox vista theme

    I'd like to know how you install it
  4. Smoke286

    Vista Antivirus Product that installs?

    I am using Norton 2007 that came with my new computer. Apparently there is a convoluted work around to get it to install that involves installing Norton Internet Security (which I did not purchase) then uninstalling it then installing NAV. Whatever the reason it works fine once you do that.
  5. Smoke286

    Vista WEI score

    Re: What are your Vista Performance scores? -With my new machine its 5.1
  6. Smoke286

    My Vista Experience

    You are not the only one Bman
  7. Smoke286

    Windows Live OneCare Dead last...

    I rather liked One Care personally, it integrated nicely and I did not have any virus/malware problems in all the time I Beta tested it.
  8. Smoke286

    I got ENGAGED!

    Congratulatios kcny, In all seriousness the best of luck to the both of you, from someone who has had 21 years of wedded bliss (I can't speak for my wife of course, she could be miserable)
  9. Smoke286

    What's Office Groove?

    In the Beta version of 2007 saving as a .pdf document was an option included, in the final version as mentioned you must download the plugin
  10. Smoke286

    Reccomend an mp3 player

    What I don't like about ipod is that they are so obviously meant to be disposable. My Zen Touch is an ugly brick, but built to last. There was a story on CBC radio a while back about some enterprising individual who opened an ipod repair shop in Toronto, Apple tried to shut him down, they...
  11. Smoke286

    Reccomend an mp3 player

    I had an ipod a few years back. Battery life was horrible and it did not play nice with windows. I understand they have improved a lot since, but they were well behind Creative back then.
  12. Smoke286

    Reccomend an mp3 player

    You are wrong, at least here in Canada, it is one year, I bought a 3 year extended warranty with my mp3 player. One of Creative's best features is its software, very good
  13. Smoke286

    Vista Home Premium - Academic Edition

    I did not have Media Center on any of my previous systems, I must admit its a good way to organize a lot of stuff
  14. Smoke286

    WinRAR and Vista Support?

    Re: WinRAR WinRar 3.62 runs flawlessly on both my Vista systems
  15. Smoke286

    Vista Home Premium - Academic Edition

    What does the academic edition have that regular premium does not.
  16. Smoke286

    Windows Vista Applications that are Certified/Works With

    Thanks, I'm getting rather tired of lazy software developers who's stock reponse to enquieries from Vista owners seems to be "What did you buy that for?"
  17. Smoke286

    Reccomend an mp3 player

    Creative makes excellent quality mp3 players, if you'd rather not be one of the herd, or errrrm....... what do you call a bunch of apples?
  18. Smoke286

    [Movie Review] Apocalypto

    Re: Apocalypto I thought it was a good movie also
  19. Smoke286

    Game titles that work with Windows Vista

    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter works just fine