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  1. Techno Child

    my ten year aniversary

    Congrats Perris! I was thinking about OSNN today and just stumbled across this post, and it's good to see familiar faces, erm... usernames, ha!
  2. Techno Child

    Car Concert Application

    Hiyyas! I guess this would go here under "portable entertainment devices" :nervous: Anyways, I do audio reinforcement for many live gigs; some of which are in remote areas with limited (if any) power. I don't really want to mess around with a generator, especially for smaller gigs and such...
  3. Techno Child

    Interesting AirPort Discovery

    I'm just going to start out saying that I'm sure everyone already knew about this, but I haven't posted in awhile and some of you might find this as interesting as I did about 5 minutes ago... I was in a destruction mode and I took apart one of my old iMac G3 CRT comps to see how it was put...
  4. Techno Child

    The Final Show 2007

    Merry Christmas guys! for perris - (hehe... the bug looks real huh?:p)
  5. Techno Child

    The Final Show 2007

    sure... i would try it, but i can't find a "modern" recording of it - or do you just mean the classic orchestral version?
  6. Techno Child

    Light Show 2006

    Continued : :) -tc
  7. Techno Child

    The Final Show 2007

    This is a continuation of last year's thread - "Light Show 2006" Hey guys... sorry for the downtime, I'm on a little - eh... "vacation" :yowch: There are new plans for 2007 and they are about 70% complete... The new project is called "The Final...
  8. Techno Child

    prevent text wrapping around an image

    By default it shouldn't wrap around an image unless you specify "align" in the <img> tag. Instead, use a <div> to position the image and it should just have text on the top and bottom. -tc
  9. Techno Child

    Looking for NAS recommendations...

    I second the MyBook World Ed. They are pretty sweet, I have a 500gb one which cost me less than 200USD. The only thing with the WD's you have to make sure you get a fanless one, a quick Google search says there are two types and the one with the fan is loud as hell :)
  10. Techno Child

    Funny Video Thread

    I think you missed a character there... Is this the one you were thinking of? -
  11. Techno Child

    Where can I download sounds from the Transformers movie?

    Re: Transformers ahh... bring your cellphone to the movies and press "record voice memo" :rolleyes: Just a thought, you may try YouTube for some clips you can get the sound off of. -tc
  12. Techno Child

    Filtered Sub-network

    ok... I'm downloading NetBSD right now, and the latest version of Squid. Just for my knowledge - is there also a hardware solution, such as a special gateway/router that would have these options? I'm sure if there was, it would probably be pretty expensive. -tc
  13. Techno Child

    Filtered Sub-network

    Hey guys, Right now I have two wireless home networks - one that is password protected and another that is open to everyone in the area. How could I setup the open network to filter a list of urls, and maybe even set a bandwidth limit? I have a few Pentium pcs lying around that aren't doing...
  14. Techno Child

    Mac: Join Vid Files?

    Thanks man, FFmpegX is awsome... I'm having trouble with avimerge thouugh... seems that this only works with linux?
  15. Techno Child

    Mac: Join Vid Files?

    Hey everyone, Any idea where I can get a good (free preferably) program that joins together video files? I'm usually just working with .avi's or .mpg's from my camera and I hate to keep converting them to .dv and importing them into iMovie when I'm sure there has got to be an easier way...
  16. Techno Child

    Security Agent Crash Log

    Worked just fine! THANK YOU!!!
  17. Techno Child

    Security Agent Crash Log

    anyone? :(
  18. Techno Child

    Security Agent Crash Log

    Please help! I have been up most of the night and all morning trying to get this system running... Seems like something corrupted the SecurityAgent, and an image is missing. Any ideas? Host Name: system3s-ibook-g4 Date/Time: 2007-06-29 08:47:26.984 -0400 OS Version: 10.4.8...
  19. Techno Child

    Domain name registrar recommendations? (renewal)

    I've been using and 1and1 for my registrations... both have been working just fine, and are relatively cheap compared to most others. -tc
  20. Techno Child

    iPhone doomed from the start?

    I would have considered it if they supported my current provider (Alltel) and if the hard drive would have been big enough to make my new 80gb iPod obsolete. It seems pointless to pay that much and still have to carry an iPhone and an iPod around just to bring all my music with me...