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  1. Kr0m

    Easy Method to Get Complete Right Click Back Windows 11

    Thanks! Gonna give 11 a serious go, just installed it today lol.
  2. Kr0m

    Reaching out for old internet friends

    funny how life grabs ya by the gonads and certain 'regular' things in one's life gets put to the side and forgotten. Talk about a blast from the past... discovered osnn's bookmark while tinkering around with some old backups... I was like: 'hey... that site rings a bell!'.. Hope everyone is...
  3. Kr0m

    my ten year aniversary

  4. Kr0m

    News Windows 8 Developer preview now available!

    I've got installed but it's useless to me atm... it freezes ever few mins for about 30 secs or so..
  5. Kr0m

    Happy Birthday to me

    Happy Birthday!
  6. Kr0m

    Outlook 2007 or 2010 and Hotmail

    Have you tried Microsoft Office Outlook Connector? Use a Windows Live Hotmail account in Outlook - Outlook - Microsoft Office
  7. Kr0m

    Februrary 2010 Desktop Screenshots

    A picture that I took while on a road trip. Date & Time is via Rainmeter Weather is a gadget.
  8. Kr0m

    Things that make you go hmmm....

    I was messing around with Google Chrome and checking to see how it works with it's own services it provides and discovered that their toolbar is not compatible with it... :laugh:
  9. Kr0m

    Its been 7 years...

    Old farts!
  10. Kr0m

    systray time/date display

    Are you using "Small Icons" in the taskbar properties?
  11. Kr0m

    Done with trillian?

    Trillian Astra final is available for all to use now. I guess the only thing I like about it are the really low resources it uses even with MSN, Facebook, Gtalk, and IRC enabled. I'm primarily a digsby user (without the malware installer :P )
  12. Kr0m

    NHL 2008-2009 Playoffs

    Seems like Draper's being the whiner here after some of the wings left the ice before all of the Pens made it to the lineup after the celebration-scrum due to their win.
  13. Kr0m

    New browser builds

    I started messing with the latest Opera, pretty quick.
  14. Kr0m

    New browser builds

    Same here. NoScript / Adblock keep me using it.
  15. Kr0m

    NHL 2008-2009 Playoffs

    Cool pics
  16. Kr0m

    NHL 2008-2009 Playoffs

    A couple of weak goals on Fleury's part + lots of give-aways + the redwings depth = no brainer Hopefully the Pens step it up and play smarter the rest of the series or it'll be over quicker than the 6 games to 2 that most predict.
  17. Kr0m

    NHL 2008-2009 Playoffs

    I'd like to see the Pens win it this time around (in 7 of course since it'd be more entertaining) but if Malkin relapses and shuts down like he has in the past and if their PK doesn't perform to par, the wings might have it in 6. The Pens have definitely stepped it up and are on a good roll.
  18. Kr0m

    NHL 2008-2009 Playoffs

    How'd it pan it for them last year when they didn't touch it?
  19. Kr0m

    NHL 2008-2009 Playoffs

    The hurricanes really surprised me. I was quite impressed with how the Bruins played vs the Habs in the first round, figured the Bruins would make it to the 3rd round. This year's playoffs are pretty sweet as far as exciting games and series!
  20. Kr0m

    Test your net speed!