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  1. J

    The Person Above Me

    the person above me should help the person above him; also help the person above him, to help the person above him escape
  2. J

    Member Pics

    And this is Me.... :)
  3. J

    Blue Ball Studios

    Thought you ment that, feel silly now, lol... anyway, its for Computing Support and Graphic Support :D Of course theres the general chat and stuff, Im planning on adding more, maybe...
  4. J

    Blue Ball Studios

  5. J

    Blue Ball Studios

    Hey everybody... Ive ben reading these forum a bit now, didnt know if i should sign up, but I just have done, and to start me off, I want to tell you a bit of news.... This is my Forum: Blue Ball Studio's Forums Its only just opened (9th May), and Im just wanting to promote it a...