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    Internet Explorer and Firefox not displaying certain pages?

    I'm having this weird problem with my internet. Currently, I have one desktop connected to a Linksys router and my laptop connected to it wireless. I've been noticing that my browsers won't display certain pages. Like right now for example, internet explorer can open and firefox...
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    Good Night

    man i pulled an all nighter...G'NIGHT YALL!
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    Buying new laptop!! need advice

    opps ur right! this is the one i want And Sazar, do they have any laptops similar to that Dell one except with a 15'' screen? 12's a little too small for my eyes
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    Buying new laptop!! need advice

    i'm buying a new laptop for college in july or august and i thought i'd start looking now. apparently i've been out of the loop cuz i have no idea whats good. I have my eyes on this Sony FS series which uses Intel Centrino Duo. Is this good? I was researching and someone said it might not be...
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    Motorola SLVR - It's Here

    its only a vga camera though...yuck
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    screensaver with time/clock?

    anybody know of one?? preferably with a big font
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    Creative Vision:M

    i bought a new ipod last night. personally size is a factor for me so i pick ipod over evrything else.....! ha!
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    GPS Navigation

    Is GPS navigation free?? I heard something weird like it is for a while then it's a fee per month. I was thinking about getting a small portable one (like a HP one) to put in my car since I get lost all the time. Tell me what yall think
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    o my

    this is what it said when i signed in... Hello the_music_man it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums? o my. i've...
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    Hurricane Katrina

    yeah it sucks.....does anybody know which day its suppose to hit new orleans?
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    Last Movie You Saw...

    wedding crashers 4/5 cruel intentions (on dvd)4.5/5 donnie darko (on dvd) 3/5
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    Good Night

    *** omg on wednesday night i got no sleep. but last night (thursday) i slepptt and it felt sooo goooooooood. g'night to the ppl in other time zones
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    Funny Picture Thread

    lol if u look @ hte ighetto there's a ho mix!!! lol
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    Cheap Airline tickets?

    priceline - name yo own price bitch
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    The new and improved Jack Osbourne!!

    ***funny thing, i was just talking about this at work i saw a magazine article with his new improved look and he was lookin rather sharp in some tuxedo. he's all buff now its crazy. and its great that he's takin up mountain climbing as a hobby instead of doin drugs.
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    Can You Say Maybach?

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    Sony Ericsson W800i - Review

    did u get this from europe or US
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    i'd say YES. all my friends say its the bomb but never got around to watching it cuz of my busy life :)
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    Free 32Mb memory key

    no key. i don't like tittles anymore
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    [Movie Review] Stealth

    i love this review haha