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    Buying a Powerbook with G4 or.. waiting for Powerbook with Intel?

    Yeah i'll go with good ol' ppc based G4. If only if they can release the intel ibook by very early 2006, some apps like adobe's one will have to run under rosetta (about 30% slower than native ppc) so i think by the time intel powerbook build their reputation i will have plenty of time to enjoy...
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    Buying a Powerbook with G4 or.. waiting for Powerbook with Intel?

    The Acer part was sarcastic.. hehe The "What's the point?" question was for the recently OSX dev kit cracked.. i know there are huge slowdown on non-Apple x86 hardware but if they can match the speed on both non-Apple and Apple x86 hardware i mean i love Apple hardware but it's a bit pricey...
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    PCI Express and AGP on the same board

    Get a PCI-E board seriously they're about the same price and if you're short on money get a ATi X300 or so.. cost 50$ in Canada. Let's say 235$ for the CPU, 75$ for the board + 50$ for the PCI-E gfx card for 360$, sell your AGP gfx card.. substract the amount of the sale + buy a nice gfx card...
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    Buying a Powerbook with G4 or.. waiting for Powerbook with Intel?

    I'm about to order my Powerbook G4 15.2".. and thinked about waiting for new PB with Intel chip, but what's the point of having a PB with an x86 architecture? I'll go buy an Acer top of the line for 1000$ less. What's your opinion beside OS X which will become dual platform? I mean why wait or...
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    Add-on PlayStation 3 HDD will run Linux

    No big surprise here since there's a Linux add-on for PS2. Also, a lot of computerized device can have a linux based os.. like iPod, pocketpc, cellphone and more. The thing is (for me), how useful will this add-on be ? Beside beeing cool to see Kutaragi's interest in Linux.. if it cannot add...
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    Which one?

    You have some tricky hardware.. you might want to try Ubuntu (GNOME flavor) /Kubuntu (KDE flavor) 5.04 Live CD to test if it find proper driver for your Wifi card and touchscreen.. or as X-Istence said Fedora or SuSe. Both are nice but i prefer SuSe for it's overall presentation and YaSt system.
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    What distro are ya using and why?

    I'm using Debian unstable for quite some times now.. was using Fedora Core 1-2-3 then switched. Likes : KDE 3.4 Apt-get Stability even with the unstable (SID) Dislikes : Nothing really big here (some trouble with setting KDM and stuff)
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    Elite Torrent Raided by Feds

    Videotron ? they're a bunch of f**kers ;) From
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    Which version for file/ftp server

    Mandrake 10.2 will do the job be sure to install Samba and if you want an ftp server take ProFTPd.. easy installation. There's a lot of documentation around on the web, i've learned pretty much anything i know about linux/bsd by the docs and manual. Good luck.
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    non-bootable Fedora CD

    Try CD2, when FC2 was released i had the same problem, they suggested (RedHat) to boot with CD2 and then swap with CD1.. just to be safe execute the media check on all the cds, maybe a bad batch.
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    need some commands A good site, lots of details for each command As for backing up your home folder IN your home folder type in a shell : "tar -zcvf home_backup+date.tar.gz *" and then "cp" the home_backup+date.tar.gz created to any place or burn it on a cd or whatever
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    Mac Mini, iWork, and iLife 05.

    Well look a the specs : ONE slot of RAM, the 4200 RPM Hard drive Sure it's cheap, they sell it at 629$ in Canada.. like under 800$ with taxes and shipping (i've pre-ordered it 2 weeks ago and then cancelled later.. because i'm a poweruser), in my opinion it's not worth it right now.. make it...
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    Slax 4.2.0

    Wow this is great ! In the same taste of Knoppix, Mandrakemove and etc. except it weights only 180MB, run really smooth with KDE and fluxbox. Newbies might want to give a try ;)
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    Anyone tested the Windows XP 64bits version yet ?

    Here are some screen.. nothing exciting Guess what ? Firefox don't work in this version but before yelling at Microsoft about anti-firefox conspiracy, the 32bits version of IE don't work ether :p So basically the OS is splitted in two (2 Program Files folder, i assume one for 32 and other...
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    Anyone tested the Windows XP 64bits version yet ?

    I wonder if anyone tried the pre-release candidate (edit) yet.. Got mine today from Microsoft : w2k3sp1_1218_usa_x64fre_pro.iso.. weird filename it looks like it's really XP Pro.. whatever here's the link it's free I'll post...
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    Network nightmare

    I did check, i don't like the way it works with dhcpd and squid and stuff. It used to work fine with past version of Mandrake (10.0 RC, 10.0 Official, 10.1 RC) but the ICS is just ****ed up since the 10.1 Official upgrade, that's why I wanted to do it manually. Now let's sleep
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    Network nightmare

    I've been tweaking things for hours now.. I'm trying to route my ppp0 to my eth0 from my server (Mandrakelinux 10.1 Official) to my station (Windows XP Pro SP2) Here's the config : a ppp0 interface, a eth0 plugged into a simple D-Link hub IP's are configured manually :
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    Canonical Ltd. is giving away free CDs of their Debian based desktop Linux

    Yes ! I received my 6 Ubuntu cd's this morning Probably gonna test this night the AMD64 version at home on my brand new AMD64 system !
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    AMD 64-bit single-core processor club

    The Winchester are S939 right ? then no, but yeah it run cool like 32-35 degrees, might O/C a bit but not much :twisted: Motherboard + CPU + 1GB DDR cost me 500$ CAD so it's pretty budget "next step" system I tried to benchmark my system with 3DMark05 but it was crap.. i'll try the Omega...
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    AMD 64-bit single-core processor club

    Yay, new to the club. motherboard : Epox 8KDA3J cpu : AMD64 3000+ ram : 1GB Kingston PC3200 400mhz gfx card : Radeon 9800 Pro hds : Maxtor 40GB + Seagate 120GB + Ximeta NetDisk 120GB screen : NEC LCD 15' ( got to change that ;) )