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    Vista stupid slow on new machine

    I suggest you start from new, first turn off the computer and remove one of the 2gig ram chips. Do a format and reinstall as new, choose custom install to get to disk options so you can format or delete partition. Disconnect from internet, remove cable or whatever. Do not allow Windows...
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    vista disc management question

    Vista does have tools for shrinking the drive but they are very limited in their ability. Acronis is good as stated in previous post, others like Gparted as a freebie but I havn't tried it.
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    making audio CD

    Select the files you want in WMP click on burn options select audio cd.
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    Graphics Card upgrade help

    You could Google for information, an example here:
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    How to test Mobo's, CPU's question

    It's very rare for a CPU to be faulty unless damaged in some way, like broken pins or burnt out due to overheating. Once you have a known working motherboard and CPU and PSU, just swap out the parts you want to check.
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    McAfee Firewall Won't Delete

    You need to run McAfee install program to access the uninstall tool. If you have the McAfee CD run that, or if preinstalled see if there is an instalation file on the HDD, otherwise contact McAfee for removal tool.
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    DVD/CD Writer problem

    Try shutting down & unplug DVD, startup and check device is gone from hardware list, remove if needed. Shut down and reconnect, restart and see if it now works. Looks as if a Windows update may have upset it. Also you could check your restore points to see if they go back far enough (before...
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    Maximum RAM in Vista 32 bit

    You can't use 4Gig of ram in Vista 32 bit read more here if you do a search you will find thousands of complaints about the same problem.
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    format slave to fat32

    First question comes to mind why Fat 32? next if you must have Fat 32 does it have to be the whole drive or would 1 or 2 partitions suffice? If the first question can be answered maybe someone can think of another solution.
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    Vista upgrade..isit safe?

    If you are doing an upgrade from within XP the SATA driver should not be a problem. This would appear to be a fairly new motherboard, check in in bios under hard drive manegment for option to auto detect SATA/PATA or run SATA in ATA compatability mode.
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    Copying and Pasting takes ages

    I agree with vanquished cut & paste copy work much faster in Vista. I have been able to find Vista drivers for my Epson R230 printer & Vista found the HP F370. Found Vista drivers for my Compro T300 tuner card & LG 20" monitor. The only one's I havn't been able to get are for Motorola V3 phone...
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    The Official “New To This Community” Thread

    Re: The Official Introduction Thread! Now Say Hello. Hello everyone I just joined today. I built myself a new computer (over several months $$ being scarce) to cope with Vista. Decided that by getting too basic would end up costing more in the long run, so this is what I put together after...