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    Win XP Pro hangs problem

    Just done a clean reinstall (Win XP Pro) on my kids machine and after I login it hangs, any ideas?
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    Delayed Write Failed Error

    The checks on the HDD proved reassuring if nothing else - it seems its in good health and will live for a while longer. After diabling GoBack and cleaning out the cache and rebooting, the error hasn't reappeared - touch wood :D Thing is, its still a mystery why this was happening :confused:
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    Delayed Write Failed Error

    All my stuff is internal :(
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    Delayed Write Failed Error

    I noticed this recently when I tried to open a large rar file the yellow triangle with an exclamtion mark appeared in my system tray and informed me that I have a "Delayed Write Failed" error. The file was still decompressing and a gui box appeared with the same message - you know the type a...
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    Video Codecs question

    I hope this is in the right place - its my first post :D I believe my codecs are all a mess because some of the mpg files that I have downloaded the sound playback is out of synch. I would like to uninstall them all and re-install up-to-date codecs. Firstly, I don't know how to uninstall...