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    System Clock - Always Adjusting Itself???

    The battery has nothing to do with it..........when it's plugged in and recieving AC. The battery is only meant to keep your BIOS settings in the event there is no AC power.
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    Media HUB recomendations

    I want to buy a media hub for my new system and was wondering if any of you had any recomendations? I am serously considering this one, but it sounds like it may be a crap shoot on getting one that works!
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    RAMBUS memory

    Nope, the rest should be automatic. You are taking your old stick out right? Make sure you put the new in there corresponding banks and the remaining bank has to have CRIMMs in it.
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    Quick easy question

    Ghost, Drive Image, or Image Cast will all work.
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    RAMBUS memory

    Rambus memory usually has to be installed in pairs, are you sure it's rambus that you have in there now? Are you running the latest BIOS version for your board? Updated to the latest may give you the capability to run the faster memory, but you still cannot mix the speeds!
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    new digital cameras =) EXCited!

    Have you considered a Gateway DC-T50, 5.25 MP for $299.99? This camera has won alot of awards and I love mine.
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    Can't open new .exe

    It could be spyware loading. I worked on a system a couple of weeks ago that wouldn't open any programs and it turned out to be spyware loading in the run keys in the registry. Check there for anything that is out of the ordinary or that you don't recognize.
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    Win2000 sp4 problem

    So, you are saying that you are still building your "master" computer to then build your image for the rest of them? Are you loading the master by hand? Not a network install?
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    Win2000 sp4 problem

    No, your steps on how you are getting the bits down to the drive, where you are placing them on the drive, and your command that you are using to kick off setup.
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    Win2000 sp4 problem

    Please give us the details of your load procedure.
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    2000 pro sysprep ?

    Yup. And then test it. How did you get sysprep and no documentation on how to use it, if you don't mind me asking?
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    2000 pro sysprep ?

    Here it is. My comments are in brackets. Replace them with your info. You can copy this text to make your sysprep.inf. [Unattended] OEMPnPDriversPath=(path to folder containing the driver for the machine) DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore OemSkipEula=Yes InstallFilesPath=C:\sysprep\i386...
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    2000 pro sysprep ?

    Yes, you can add or change any of the parameters manually. It's just a text file. Edit it with notepad or any text editor. If you need more help, I can provide you with an example of the file.
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    2000 pro sysprep ?

    The PID is housed in an answer file called sysprep.inf. You can fully automate the setup using this file if you would like.
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    Reinstall DirectX

    There is no such thing. XP has the latest version of Direct X built into the OS. You would have to reload the OS to fix your Direct X issue. 'Course you could load Direct X beta 9.
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    Sp1 Xp

    Direct X 9 does not come with SP1.
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    Is it feasible to do so, please read !

    There should be no problems with that.
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    Style XP Install Error

    Just copy the uxtheme.pat file to the \windows\system32 directory and rename it to uxtheme.dll. It's just a different way of doing the same thing.
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    Dazzle driver

    They are right, Xp has built in firewire drivers. Have you tried to put in the OS cd when it is looking for drivers?
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    Microsoft Virtual Machine

    Go to