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  1. Jay300zx

    Motherboard - CPU speed wrong?????

    cheers - no jumpers - so its not that. The Bios rev F2 (shown as an example in the user manual) - shows clearly a clock multiplier on the FREQ Setup Screen My Bios (F9) has had it removed. Its not anywhere - Ive been through every page 10 times over. Ive tried recovering or booting to...
  2. Jay300zx

    Motherboard - CPU speed wrong?????

    cheers, yes I can get into biuos, but cannot find the multiplier anywhere. can find everything but that. as for the jumper - had a look around mbd - is there one on the GA-8IRXP board that does that? Will get manual and re-read later - cheers.
  3. Jay300zx

    Motherboard - CPU speed wrong?????

    Hi - I have a Gigabyte GA-8IRXP Mobo with an Intel P4 2.6Ghz Proc. On boot up it reports it running at 1.31 Ghz even though its recongnized by Windows as a 2.6 running at 1.3. In the manual the bios shows there should be a cpu clock ratio multiplier option (its set to x13) on my bios (the...
  4. Jay300zx

    Partition recovery

    I went with GetDataBack (Cheers American Zombie). Got everything back. And that was after I formatted it and changed partition sizes!!! :) Everything else I tried (and I had quiet a few progs) - restored corrupted data. Just been through and checked EVERYTHING and all seems ok ;)...
  5. Jay300zx

    Partition recovery

    I recently copprupted (by unplugging USB too quickly) my 60GB drive. It had 2 partitions on it. the 2nd partition of 50GB had all my data on it. I have tried easy recovery/rstudio etc and can do a RAW recovery but it has no file structure - just recovers all BMP as FIL1.BMP, FIL2.BMP etc...
  6. Jay300zx

    Computer won't power on at all...

    If its an ATX the cpu needs to be in to power on as it controls a power line??
  7. Jay300zx

    Xbox Drives

    you tried the unlock command? I fitted the xbox drive in mine eons ago. unlock d: from dos then fdisk, format etc
  8. Jay300zx

    hp 895cxi Service manual

    anyone know a good repositary where I can download printer service manuals - specifically the 895cxi. I dont want the user manual. any other printers would be handy Cheers
  9. Jay300zx

    Outlook in XP + Duplicate send\receive

    I get this too, for some reason when it pulls down me emails from the server it times out occasionally, normally on the same one. Then it doesnt delete them, so it re-downloads them Only way I have found round it so far is to log on to webmail, manuall y delete all the spam then...