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    wireless adapter wont identify

    you probably incorrectly typed in the wifi passphrase into the API for the wifi adapter and it saved it. i suggest deleting the profile and adding it. u also might want to try updating to the latest drivers
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    VERY SLOW viewing comps in workgroup, network

    sounds like its a DNS prolblem, did you try disabling netbios?? you can aslo adjust your TTL.
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    Looking for Website search engine submitting program

    I just made a website and was looking for a good program that would submit my website to most of the major search engines. If someone could please list some FREE ones as well as pay ones it would be nice. Thanks
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    what is a good spam filter for outlook thats free?

    oviouosly the built in outlook one is old, and im using oulook 2007. So the thunderbird and built in outlook is not an option. I am not using exchange server either. So far spam fighter is the onloy decent on mentioned, anyone else know of anymore good 100% free ones?
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    what is a good spam filter for outlook thats free?

    does anyone know a good spam filter for outlook that is 100% free?
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    Upgrade or wait?

    i got 1 gig ram and it seems to work fine for me on my 3500 amd.
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    Exploring keyboard shortcuts in Windows Vista

    on Desktop ALT+Mouse Scroll is to resize icons!
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    Please recommend me a new monitor

    whatever you get make sure its a viewsonic or samsung
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    Counter Strike Source Clan

    whats the ip to the server ming?
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    graphics card cycling and mouse freezing

    format and reinstall windows with the latest drivers
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    Counter Strike Source Clan

    where do you play at now ming?
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    NBA Playoffs

    OMG, i just lost 50 bux!
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    2007 Microsoft Office System Beta 2 Discussion

    Re: Office 2007 Discussion (Pretty Screenshots Included) nice and colorful, but how slow does it open now.
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    Sound Blaster XI-FI: Hardware question

    Found the Motego 7.1 DDL for $29.99, seems like a good deal to me.
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    Dual Gigabit on mobo question.

    Computer clustering, using the computer as a router, alot of things, it just not practical.
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    Web space

    Anyone see the godaddy commercial that didnt make it to the super bowl?
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    Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.05 Font Question

    a currupt PDF file or a font that you dont have one your machine.
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    Share in my misery... SATA controller bad.

    My ECS motherboard works greats with my 3500+
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    Steam sucks?

    I would think it would be more due to a hardware setting or drivers that are freezing you up, maybe even spyware.
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    anti-spyware in Windows, the good and the bad...

    You guys should try spyware doctor, its pretty good.