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    Best software for cloning HDD

    I use norton ghost, as far as putting the cloned image onto a bigger drive? it does fine, any left over space on the new drive is turned into free space.
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    CPU overheating...badly

    my amd xp3200 runs at 86 degrees farenheit. i put a coolermaster jet7 blower on it with some arctic silver 5 paste, and it does matter what way you put the heat sink on, sometimes in may look right but it is actually backwards, and on top of that, do a bios updates, up till the update, mine was...
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    What do you do with Old hardware?

    i just build a crappy machine out of parts, or i upgrade relatives puters, or i fine cool ways to destruct them, like dead hard drives, the platters make great coasters
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    xp ballons

    log in as administrator
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    What did you get? (LOOT THREAD)

    i got a viper remote start system bought and installed for my car, bra for the hood of the car, seat covers, floor mats, earings, work gloves
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    Adding memory and getting none??

    Update your bios, half the time it can support it, but only with a bios update.
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    NFS Underground2 requirements.....

    this 1.7ghtz p4 with a gig of ram and an ati radeon 9200 runs it flawlessly at 1024x768
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    Just put in the 3.4 800 1meg P4 478 pin Do I need different memory?

    that board supports ddr2, the little connectors are like hair, i would advise to switch to pc4200 ddr2.
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    college firewall

    have you ever tried to change the port in which your applications connect. i made mirc go thru port 80 for file transfers and the like and they were fast as heck. setting up local port forwarding might work, but if you get too much stuff thru certain ports it may cause packet collisions.
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    ATI multi monitor??? need help

    native xp works for me, i dont need and third party software taking up clock cycles
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    Accessing My Docs Folder from different computer?

    create an account with the same name that you had on your old pc, use the same password. you might be able to trick xp into letting you in. either that, or i would boot into safe mode, and using the administrator account, you should be able to access it.
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    dealing with .ISO's

    alcohol 120% mmm
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    SP2 Holdouts

    i updated to sp2 right away, it went off flawlessly and i have had no problems at all.
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    Case Fan Sound

    my main gaming pc, is an amdxp 3200 with one gig of ram, ati radeon 9500 pro it has 2 ball bearing fans on the psu, one 80mm out the top, coolermaster jet7 on high for the proc, and a lil blower on high on the northbridge. it has a sidemount 80mm fan and a rear 80mm fan, it has a pci slot fan...
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    Another Frickin Problem

    i would guess a ups backup, but other than that, i have no clue.
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    Case Fan Sound

    my 120mm fans have low rpm's but cannont be heard, but when the case gets a lil warm sometimes, the computer speeds them up and cools itself off in a hury.
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    Problem Networking XP 'n 98SE

    you also have to make sure that the firewall isnt set to high in xp. or that an add on firewall that you may have downloadeded isnt screwing it up. in sp2, it might ask to unblock them. one thing you might try in xp and 98, is to go up the chain of the network, aka, view the "entire microsoft...
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    Dvd Shrink Help Im confused

    What is a subpicture and what is ac3 2chan english? Subpicture means subtitles, aka all the audio converted to text on the bottom of the screen for the hearing impaired. AC3 2chan english... means 2 channel stereo audio, i always just pic either 5.1 digital or dts. english of course...
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    Cloning with Ghost 2003

    first off, yes you can do just the xp backup, pertaining you have saved an instance of 98 as well. as far as restoring from cd onto a different computer, no, it doesnt work, unless you have the same chipset, xp is a b!tch when it comes to that. all my systems i build for people have the same...
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    Freezing Under Intense Conditions

    #1 up your refresh rate, that has to flicker lick hell. #2, how much ram do you have? could be using and excess amount and slowing everything down really bad, make sure the fan on the video card is working correctly. also, does that card need addition power source? if so, is your...