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  1. tibboh

    DVD burner replacement

    I have a Toshiban Equium A80 laptop where the DVD burner has expired (not software problem) - not having much experience on laptops, is it practcal to try a drive replacement rather than lugging an external drive around (ie is it easy to remove and replace)? The drive in question is a mat****a...
  2. tibboh

    Samsung D600

    Have purchased 2nd hand phone off ebay - was o2 but is unlocked. Tried to use my old orange card but it would not allow me to use photo messaging. Got new orange sim card but still having problem getting photo messaging to work, even after downloading orange's on-line help. Can anyone give...
  3. tibboh

    Windows Updates

    thanks, will try
  4. tibboh

    Windows Updates

    bobsalot - did u get any further with this problem. Neighbour still cannot get it to do any sort of updates (even after another reformat)
  5. tibboh

    PC World

    just had to share this with you - down at loacl branch of PC world last night, bought a couple of bits & bobs then went to pay.... All the computers & electronic tills were down (dont know if it was national or wot) so they had to resort to the old way of taking credit card details (the old...
  6. tibboh

    video lag

    Ahh well, not much response. For those who may come across this problem with Pinacle - looks like it might have been the rendering that caused the problem as the video was approx 1 hour long and I dont think it could cope with such a long file. Used another proggie, and created the DVD with...
  7. tibboh

    video lag

    Not quite sure what is happening here. I have a large chunk of digital video that I have captured onto my desktop via Pinacle (v9) and every time I edit it and it looks good on the screen - whenever I try to burn it to DVD the video begins to lag behind the audio (and gets progresively worse)...
  8. tibboh

    Sick Toshiba

    Daughter No.2 has managed to snap the centre pin in the dc jack-in plug on her lappie (using it in bed and too much tension on the power lead, methinks). I have no probs in stripping down desktops etc, but have steered clear of opening up lappies, but as the quote was £250 to fix it looks...
  9. tibboh


    thanks for that, themafia.69
  10. tibboh

    AOL and internet sharing

    thanks for the reps, mainframeguy - I signed onto AOL years ago and it is probably more hassle to drop it what with the deal I get now. Just to mention u are thinking of migrating gets you a better and better deal money wise each year (I am assuming not many ISP's will do that). I am well...
  11. tibboh


    I have been using v9 for a wee while, editing digital video and also stills slideshows, but has anyone using this programme tried installing individual pictures into a video? Im sure you can but just wondered if anyone has tried it, and is it effective before I start a new project?
  12. tibboh

    AOL and internet sharing

    Ming is most correct in what he says. i have a Belkin wireless router, and I can have all six computers linked into AOL (9) at the same time with no complications whatsoever. As some of you are ever so anti-AOL, there is absolutely no need to sign on to AOL with this set-up, as you can sign...
  13. tibboh

    PIN number

    pin has been default to 0000 last couple of bluetooth set-ups i've seen
  14. tibboh

    Norton 2005

    The laptop i purchased last year came with the standard 3 months Norton Internet Security cover - when it expired I just renewed for a year's cover on line. Problem is I may need to reformat due to some programe problems, and you've guessed it, I have lost the order numer details. I am...
  15. tibboh

    DVI or VGA?

    thanks petros, thats the answer I was after (but can you get cards with 2 VGA outputs? cant say i have noticed any whilst browsing)
  16. tibboh

    DVI or VGA?

    I have a situation where I have a low spec desktop in one room connected up to a CRT monitor. I would like to also feed a seperate monitor (wide/flat screen tv with analog plug) in another room for demo/advertising purposes. Are there any (cheapish) sound cards out there that have two VGA...
  17. tibboh

    Windows Updates

    The neighbours 'puter had to be reformatted due to ongoing problems - when I reinstalled everything I loaded the SP2 disc and then set it for auto updates. The problem is the followung 2 updates will not load, Malicious software removal (KB3890830) and GDI (KB873374). Have checked the...
  18. tibboh

    Network Printer Advice?

    Have to agree with NetRyder re Cannon Pixma. Have tried all sorts, and this is by far the best quality for a printer within this particular price range. The ink seems to last much longer, and the cartridges dont break the bank (plus the non standard cartridges with chip are VERY cheap. Only...
  19. tibboh

    AOL Silver and Routers

    Back to your original question without a slagging match on AOL, I was on the Siver before being upgraded to Gold. AOL do not recommend many particular routers, but I believe most of them WILL work, but you may need to reset the MTU default to 1400 (as I did with my Belkin wireless router) then...
  20. tibboh

    Programme Alert

    My daughters 'puter has Norton 2006 installed, and it keeps comming up with the following message: Programme Alert High Risk jsbig.exe (c:\windows\) is attempting to access internet. It classes this as a high alert, and every time I block it, it comes up again in a few minutes trying to...