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    MP3 tag creator

    Tag Scanner
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    Flash and ID3 tag support

    I'm very novice when it comes to Flash, so bare with me. I'm trying to pull the ID3 tag information from an external mp3. I pulled this code directly from Macromedia's web site. My source code is below: myTrack = new Sound(); function Music(){ myTrack.start()...
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    Rainbow Six Series?

    I had the same problem with the delay and found out it was caused by the MS Powertoys. I uninstalled them and it works great now. It's only one of the Powertoys that causes it but I don't know which one it is. I know that it isn't the desktop manager or the audio shell. See if that helps you.
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    Rainbow Six Series?

    I totally agree with you. I started out with Rainbow Six but since then have moved on to Rogue Spear. I own all of the expansion packs and this game has to be the best game ever made. Most gamers out there are huge Quake and Half Life fans but for me, I swear Rogue Spear is the best game for...
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    Mouse problem in Operation Flashpoint

    I've had this exact same problem. To fix it, I had to change the refresh rate and image size to a different setting. I think I have mine at 800X600 and 85hz now and it works ok. Just try changing those IN THE GAME, not in the operating system. Good luck!
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    During shutdown system restarts XP

    Go into the control panel and power options. See if APM is enabled and if it isn't, enable it. If this isn't enabled, many machines will reboot instead of shutting down. Hope it works.
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    Game compatibility list...

    FIFA 2002: OK Madden 2002: OK NHL 2002: OK Rogue Spear: OK Urban Operations: OK Covert Operations: OK Black Thorn: OK Ghost Recon: OK Max Payne: OK GTA 2: OK Tiberian Sun: OK Red Alert 2: OK Operation Flashpoint: OK Rollercoaster Tycoon: Crash
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    Nav 2002

    I had this exact same error in the past. I found out that I got it when I used the registry cleaner in a program called System Mechanic. I accidentally deleted some file extensions that System Mechanic thought were old. The only way I found out to solve the problem was to reinstall NAV 2002...
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    Bootvis Problem

    It's the Task Scheduler that needs to be enabled.
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    AIM Ad Replacement

    I am not looking for just another ad remover. If you read my first sentence of my first post you will understand that I want to remove the ads and replace them with a picture. If you know how to do this please respond. Thank you.
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    AIM Ad Replacement

    yeah I found DeadAIM on the net and I know that works. I also know how to remove the ads and keep the space their so that I can insert my picture. I just need to know the code to insert that picture. Hope someone knows how to do it. I was thinking of switching to Trillian or that other one...
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    AIM Ad Replacement

    I was wondering if any of you programming guru's knew how to remove the top ad on AIM and replace it with a permanent picture. I know it can be done because I have seen it. I have been looking all over the interent for info on it but can't seem to find anything. I know how to remove the ads...
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    GTA 2 and XP

    In order for GTA 2 to work in Win2k or WinXP you must apply the official patch at their site. I did this and it works flawlessly now. Hope it works for you.
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    Unreal and Logitech Mouseware

    I agree with you guys too. Logitech's drivers suck. I tried them with Rogue Spear and the scroll wheel won't work even when assigned as "middle button". I just use XP's drivers and haven't had a problem yet. I have contacted Logitech about this and all they keep telling me is to reinstall...