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    Best Mobo Problem ever!

    Hey hey hey now, lets not get off on the wrong foot here pointing the fingers ok? I didnt insult you so I would ask you to do the same. I never said once that you said they were cheap. I'm just expressing my opinion. And I have my own built machine as well. I suppose people invest in them...
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    Best Mobo Problem ever!

    Hey! I put some blood, sweat and tears into those Alienware computers Literally O_O. Stupid sharp metal edges -__-. The average alienware computer I used to build comes with like a 3ghz or amd 64 3500 with like a gig of corsair memory, geforce 6800 or ati x800, 2 raptors or 400 gig serial ata...
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    What Does Your Name Mean?

    Cesar Although the name Cesar creates the urge to be reliable and responsible, we emphasize that it causes a blunt expression that alienates others. This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses through...
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    R.I.P. Christopher Reeve

    Well I guess superheroes don't live forever. R.I.P. I wonder what Smallville is going to do with Dr. Swan : \
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    PCI Express motherboards...

    Well anyone correct me if I'm wrong but If im not mistaken I believe pci express is the new agp. Eventualy agp will be phased out along with atx motherboards. Since they are planning on moving on to BTX motherboards which basically is just a revamp of ATX. The cpu is will at the bottom and the...
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    how to get a full night sleep

    If my laptop where to make me sleep on the floor then it would leave me no choice but to threaten it with Windows ME, or better known as Windows: Malfunction Edition. :D
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    Wish us luck in FL

    That hurricane is still too early to tell. It's still in identity crisis mode. I'm 5! no wait I'm a 2...NO WAIT!
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    Wish us luck in FL

    I say we buy a whole lot of glad plastic wrap and make a huge fence around Florida. Hey if it keeps liquids and food from spilling out of bowls maybe it can keep hurricanes out :D. You never know :p
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    Wish us luck in FL

    Forget Frances thats a tropical storm now. Now its Ivan O_O, I tell you Mother Nature needs to calm down I dont know what Florida ever did to her. I know we're #1 in fraud but come now o_O;;;.
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    Wish us luck in FL

    Yeah, but this is a category 2 hurricane traveling at about 4 mph roughly the size of texas. Maybe it can't rip a home off its foundation, but it can still knock a power line down or two and not to mention the flooding its going to cuase since its moving so slow. O_o;;;
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    Wish us luck in FL

    I'll stay on as long as I can, but once it starts picking up I'm taking my Hard drives and moving away from windows lol. :p
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    Wish us luck in FL

    So far so good nothing major happening as of yet here in my area
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    Wish us luck in FL

    GOOD LUCK O_O! lol
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    Storm Thinger Charlie

    I hope everyone affected is ok, Miami was safe so I'm ok. Must have been something scary to see it go from a category 2 to a category 4 hurricane. Nearly became a hurricane dare not say its name :eek:.
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    Doom 3 Scared Sh*tless

    Doom III, yeah it has me on edge at times. It's when its starts getting twisted with all the pentagrams and what not that gets me O.o;; lol. Even the old school doom used to get me the same way. But nonetheless pretty good game.
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    The New Batmobile

    Well, Technically that would be the old batmobile since Batman Begins is before the other Batman movies. :p
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    Wallpapers... Post and Request

    Thanks :p
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    Wallpapers... Post and Request

    Here's one I made a few years ago
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    Ebay - Xbox Box - Funny

    LMAO! poor person who won the auction. I feel sorry for him/her. lol
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    Unreal III Engine - Video (162 MB)

    *Drools* That's just incredible O_O