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  1. omg its nlm

    Qbot Virus

    Has anyone ever encountered this? Locations of the files are Location of Virus C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\_qbothome C:\Windows q1.dll and any _qbotxxxx.exe It going all over on our network. Files keep coming back to c:\windows and I can't seem to narrow it down!
  2. omg its nlm

    SharePoint 07 upload.aspx file

    I know this is a long shot but I am need that file in the _layouts folder. Just moved and cant find my disk.
  3. omg its nlm

    Simple WSUS Question

    No Auto-restart for Scheduled Automatic Update Installation Options This policy specifies that to complete a scheduled installation, Automatic Updates will wait for the computer to be restarted by any user who is logged on, instead of causing the computer to restart automatically. If the...
  4. omg its nlm

    Simple WSUS Question

    3.0 and Servers On Servers with wsus 2.0 we had them to install. This cause some issues with servers rebooting when they wanted to. So they were set to detect only. 3.0 there is no detect only option. So if I do not approve it or decline it. Will I know that updates are needed for that server?
  5. omg its nlm

    Anyone use Project Web Access?

    I can not seem to find a answer if it's possible to change the character limit on a comment field we have. Anyone know?
  6. omg its nlm

    Ctrl alt del

    CTRL ALT DEL it is taking over 20 seconds to come up so I can lock my computer. XP PRO SP3 - Dell Laptop D810 I ran Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and it found and fixed some issues. Nothing else hangs up. Anyone have any ideas what else I can look at?
  7. omg its nlm

    Vista Boot problem

    Thanks that might it, it is fixing some data right now...
  8. omg its nlm

    Vista Boot problem

    It just sits and scrolls at the vista boot screen. Went into the recovery and tried a repair, did a chkdsk, /fixboot and fixmbr. System restore has one restore points. Ideas?
  9. omg its nlm

    Virus/Spyware XP Anti-Viurs 08

    Yeah, it's annoying just wondering if any other people were getting it.
  10. omg its nlm

    Virus/Spyware XP Anti-Viurs 08

    Anyone else been getting hit with this? I have not but a lot of people are my office our getting it. Not sure if its via email or what?
  11. omg its nlm

    July 2008 Desktop Screenshots

    Nice :) I had something like that back in the day.
  12. omg its nlm

    GPOL and Firefox

    Thanks for you help.
  13. omg its nlm

    GPOL and Firefox

    Is there a way to add favorites in the group policy? I did a search and did not come up with anything.
  14. omg its nlm

    Trillian Astra:

    Digsby FTW! I really like Pidgin as well. Trillian = Dead and over rated.
  15. omg its nlm

    Goalie caught napping

    haha the was great.
  16. omg its nlm

    Vista - The next generation in bloatware

    That was funny even know Vista Owns all.
  17. omg its nlm

    Energy calculator for computers.

    Thanks for the link. I was just talking about this today. I guess I am fine. :)
  18. omg its nlm

    iPhone 3G

    I am thinking about it. BUT no MMS? Record Video? :( Right? I have the Q9m and am thinking about making the switch over. OT - anyone have the Touch for vzw? That is another option...
  19. omg its nlm

    Browser RAM Usage

    FF 3 I am around 100 megs with a few tabs open.