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  1. drz01

    Test your net speed!

    Rogers Cable in Ontario Canada. They actually have two more faster services than mine. 150 down 10 up and 250 up 250 down
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    Test your net speed!

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    View this facebook page before its gone...
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    CORVETTE ZR1 Desktop PC is Radio Controlled.

    CORVETTE ZR1 Desktop PC is Radio Controlled. | Case Mod Blog
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    I can fix that...

    No Spoon I can fix that... Seatbelt Broken? I can fix that... New TV too big for the old cabinet? I can fix that! Electrical problem? I can fix that! Car stereo stolen? I can fix that! No ice chest? I can fix that! Can't read the ATM screen? I can fix that! Car...
  6. drz01

    Mini review of the Numark NS7

    Some of you know I dj for weddings clubs and other events so here is my newest toy for dj work. Well first of all this thing is for body builders it's heavy. Setup was easy place the platter on the spindle place your slipmats and then clamp down the vinyl. I am running Windows 7 64bit so I...
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    News Windows 7 God Mode

    Vista has the same thing, a different string, but it gives the 64bit version of vista fits.
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    New OSNN theme / site launched

    Great new look.
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    Famous people Different Roles

  10. drz01

    Hard Drive weight increasing?
  11. drz01

    O.k .. I have my final verdict for windows7

    4 extra bits for the new processors comming out. Intel I7.2 and AMD Phenom III.5
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    Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version
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    A touching picture (NSFW)

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    Some sites thinks IE8 is a mobile browser

    Try these sites for me. This seams to happen if you are in Canada...
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    My other hobby... DJ

    Have a listen to one of my old school mix.... Tell me what you think.
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    Fixed Page load error.

    Getting the same here to (Toronto Canada) See attachment
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    Why did his system crash?