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    Dell server doesn't recognize my Hard Drives

    use the dell service tag and lookup in dell support website
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    hello peeps... is been some time since i last came here.

    hello peeps... is been some time since i last came here.
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    *Urgent* DHCP server quit working

    i feel sad for u. Should have configured as static IP for all the clients when the issue arises. The boss is too harsh on you.
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    Windows 7 - First Impressions

    Been using Vista Business SP2 for about 1 year and is a pain in the ass. Fresh installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit last night and oh boy! It is awesome! Faster than Vista a lot i would say and hope it stays that way.
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    Empty Blank File Upload in ASP?

    i was wondering am i able to don't put any file in a file field and upload to the database and assuming it will not update it? The language is ASP This is the 3 field... If i don't select any file it will give me error. <INPUT TYPE=FILE NAME="THEFILE" value=""> <INPUT TYPE=FILE...
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    Windows Server 2003 new setup

    It would be much better to performed a full server backup as of current just in case $hit happens. Moreover, the person who asked you to take charge might not know $hit about computer, and it will be too late to do explanation if anything do happens. And i don't encourage you to do a scratch...
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    Old NT4 Domain Controller. Need backup solution.

    Maybe u can try backup all the user profiles (group policy, etc. etc.) that is stored inside together with all the DHCP details (eg. start range of IP addresses and so on). The rest shouldn't be much of an issue i would say. As for the data, you can try backup them (after the days end...
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    10MBS cable line !!

    it makes me drool seeing all those figures.. i'm still running on 1mbps/512kbps with occasionally disconnection and high latency to international sites. i'm from malaysia and my ISP is TMNET (Streamyx) which awefully sux!
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    Assign Printer on Location

    not sure if this work but after sharing the printer, there's this security settings where we can set a specifically user to print, manage documents and etc.
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    Initial workgroup to domain switch questions.

    i don't think it will affect anything on their files since by joining the domain from workgroup wouldn't have any affect on the files. hmm.. correct me if i'm wrong
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    Battery level icon on taskbar gone.

    are you able to access msconfig? Maybe your notebook is infected by virus. It happened to me once before but i can recall the virus name though. Or another thing is maybe u can have a look at the local security settings to see if anyone meddles the stuff there
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    15 minutes boot time

    if u have another hard disk, try to ghost it over and see if it still takes 15minutes to boot up. If it does, then the previous HD is gone! Else, could be something else.. probably the RAM
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    8.00GB database file for MSN Messenger

    oh gracious me~~ 8.00GB? have u tried checking the file size thru command prompt? Might be more accurate
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    which OS?

    GO for XP Pro IMO. Why? 1. Even though it is 32bit only but it is stable as rock at least to me. 2. Most application in the market now are not yet in to the 64bit region yet ( correct me if i'm wrong) 3. Driver/compatability problem? Unless the hardware that you are using is widely...
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    NTFS File system corrupt

    i got this problem solved. Refer to the screenshot Apparently someone else uses his PC and set the security settings ( delete all user and they wont be able to access ) He deleted all the user except himself and that makes it when other user log on to the workstation arent able to...
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    OpenGL/Direct 3D issue

    have u tried your card on another machine? Might be your OS screwed up with the card.
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    How good are your parking skills?

    i dun do well with arrows... failed 5 times and i almost whack the car and to think that it was inside the monitor. arghhh...
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    New search engine

    wow~~ how did u guys manage to get this from google?
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    ASP, Contact Form, Attachment Question

    matt... ASPUpload rocks actually. It is easy and no hassle in getting the upload to work. I did one for an OFFLINE project to upload photo and up till now it is still running strong
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    Please review and crititque new site

    the bold letter in the first page i think need some amendment on it. overall i give a 5/10. There's room for big improvement