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    Program for docking applications to taskbar?

    Hey guys, is there a program that will dock opened applications into the part of the taskbar that shares the time, system vitals (volume, display [ATI] icon, etc.) I don't like having certain programs like iTunes on the toolbar because it takes up too much precious space. I'd just prefer to...
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    Here is a truly AWESOME guide I've found nLite, a program that lets you strip out excess baggage in Windows and make a fresh bootable installation disc. My final size for XP-SP2 was a whopping 140MB and managed to bring my boot time down to a mere 10-15 seconds; the progress...
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    Just Installed Daminator (OSX clone)

    I've been craving this look since I saw Iceman's OSX mod, but I can't believe how different it feels from Windows. I'm not use to this AT ALL. Certain things feel broken, and I'm still missing a few things like the Truelancher. The ObjectDock isn't that great; I liked Y'z Dock better...
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    Problems with pixelated icons

    I've decided to abandone the easy way of doing it via third party software like Bee Icons and read that shell32.dll hack thread. It said even newbs can understand, lo and behold 30 minutes into it I was hacking away. Problem is, my icons look jagged with large icons enabled. Am I...
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    What do you use to change icons?

    Hey guys, what's your program of choice for changing icons, from very basic to deep system files. I'm currently using Bee Icons with mild sucess. Seems some files are inaccessible to it, or atleast to the trial version. Are there any free utilities? I would like to stay free of manual...
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    Is this Aqua?

    Is this the famed Aqua icon set that Apple made sites like Aqua-soft take down due to infringment? I've been cleaning my drive over the weekend and came across them. I'm missing some from the set, and wondered if someone could help me track them down. I wouldn't mind doing some converting...
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    How Do You GET RID OF seperators in Y'z Dock

    I've exhausted over the settings of the application and have found nothing that allows me to get rid of the seperators. I've gone a bit crazy and made one too many of them, now I can't get rid of them. Version is 0.8.3 (is this the latest version?) Thanks in advanced.
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    Request: Matrix Font

    Has anyone ever come across the Matrix font? I'm trying make a larger size poster like this:
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    Thoughts on Wacom Tablets?

    Hard to believe a site as dedicated to graphics such as this (themes, wallpapers, misc. visual mods, etc) has had no discussions on tablets. That or the migration hasn't completed. I'm itching to buy one from Wacom who I gather make the most used tablets, consumer and commercial? They do...
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    Please Identify this Theme!

    It belongs to thebear, whom I've PM'd but the reply has not happened. I get ornery and impatient after a day. Maybe I'm jelous of the fact that people have lives outside of the computer and can't reply back as quickly as I'd like. Here is the screencap...
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    Anyone tried SP2 for WinXP?

    As most of you know there is a leaked version on the net. I tried it and it wreaked havoc on my theme. I guess it fixed the uxtheme.dll file so my question is, will there be a new patcher when SP2 is officially released? I was told the original SP1 patcher was written by someone on these...