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    aim has talking ads now....

    I use GAIM
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    Presidential Debate Discussion

    I completely agree with you. Both of them are sketchy characters who have hidden agendas but I think what differs people this election is some are willing to risk putting Kerry in office because they are naturally bigger risk takers because they know it could get worse but it also could get...
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    Presidential Debate Discussion

    Tuffgong4 the problem is you have not seen Kerry in action and you have seen Bush so why do you think that Bush would do a better job? How can you think that is a better thing to ask you. There is no way to know who is better because we have seen only Bush in action and a majority of people...
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    Presidential Debate Discussion

    I will add my ten (maybe 20) cents. The hardline of both sides won't budge as a result of this debate but it would seem a lot of fence sitters are moving towards Kerry. Kerry's approval rating sky rocketed after the speech according to a poll. The thing is that over 3/4s of Americans think Kerry...
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    9700 pro acting wierd?

    LOL well number one if you got the damn thing free then I think its hard to complain. Anything free you can't argue when it doesn't work. You sure he didn't just give you it cause it was already failing?
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    Snow is back...

    Sounds like the weather in Idaho. Its like 80 as I speak but a few days ago we had hail and snow as well.
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    Graphic Card Problems

    Well essentially what happened was I backed up everything inportant and just formatted and reinstalled all my drivers. Works fine now which tells me it was a driver causing the problem.
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    Alternative to White Space and Images

    Ya but that doesn't matter. I mean HTML is only what the browser makes its. In a perfect world HTML would be listened to and whitespace wouldn't be payed attention to but obviously that isn't the case.
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    Graphic Card Problems

    Well it get the drivers removed fine and I can use my system like right now without any drivers installed for the card but its when I reinstall the ATI ones that I have problems. I did however have a GeForce on here before this card so I will check into this removal thing. Do you have any...
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    Graphic Card Problems

    Normally I would try to get support from the manufacturer but unfortunately ABIT doesn't exact provide stellar oralmost any support for their graphic's cards and ATI wants you to pay if they didn't build it. So I have this problem where when I install the drivers to this 9200SE-DT 128 MB card...
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    HTML Editor Recommendation

    My final comments is that no matter how compliant WYSIWYGs are in their XHTML, HTML, XML, etc. They still don't give you the CONTROL that text editors give you. Seriously. Even if the code on Dreamweaver is perfect XHTML it still can be hard sometimes to get Dreamweaver to do the small things...
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    Alternative to White Space and Images

    Well it does care about whitespace on IE. Thats the thing there is no way around it. You can search the web for people bitching and moaning about this and there isn't a solution as far as I can see. Whitespace affects tables even when done right trust me. I code everything by hand and stay away...
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    Help with CSS.

    Dude they are still not even perfect on HTML 4 and thats been out for ****ing ever. You can never expect Microsoft to implement a standard the way it should be. Not even their own sometimes work the way they say they will.
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    Sony develops 25GB paper disc

    Better Movies And Porn!!! Wohoo!!!!
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    Firewall Guide

    Ya that was a very nice post. Glad someone takes the time to site down and write out those guides.
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    Updates Reference File Ad Aware

    It is definitely nice feeling like your system is a little cleaner for once.
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    Corporate Ladder

    that is great. Mad props for that one
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    Bill Gates vs GM

    Ya I haven't heard it. Good joke for sure but it seems like I'm one of the few who fully enjoyed it.
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    bill gates not richest man?

    Thats awesome. I furnished most of my new apartment with them.
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    limit e-mail to address book

    Ya but it loads slower. Thats why Outlook Express has the name it has.