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    Free Acronis True Image 7.0 license

    Trying 7.0 for free will enable anyone to get (upgrade to) newest 9.0 home for a discounted price instead of paying full price. Just my 2 cents
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    XP Prefetch folder empty?

    Please disreguard, I found the problem Task Scheduler must be enabled for prefetch to do its thing. Seems for some reason when using that program it turns off the service on its own and it must be manually turned back on again.
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    XP Prefetch folder empty?

    Hi, Last week I emptied my prefetch folder using this Since then nothing has gone into the prefetch folder as it should. Any ideas? What service does prefetch run off? (however I havent shut any services down)
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    any1 selling DDR RAM ? (256MB PC2100?

    It aint kingston but....... I got 2 chips, 128 MGb each PC 2100 DDR Apacer. Both were used for 1 week only, I pulled em out of a new Alienware machine cause I upgraded to 512 MGb right away, my motherboard can only take 2 chips. (which sux) Anyways, if interested make me an offer