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    Gears of War problem...

    I cannot play anyone over the internet, i have Comcast cable and my internet is up but everytime i try to play is says Network... Your connect to the host has been lost... how come this keeps happening to everything i try... but if i switch games i can get online...? help
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    Dead Rising

    I just rented it tonight but i play im gonna like this game, they have an UZI in the mall, and a big b!tchin sword :)
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    xbox live gamer tags

    CoDe Eye 007, but what is this for exactly...
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    Is there an easy way to beat the last person, i know she is a real big pain, and counters everything and im wondering if there is a way to avoid her attacks. I do know when she is floating down you cannot attack her because she will reverse anything you give her, and you have to do some good...
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    [RANT] XBOX 360 Game Compatibility

    Re: Microsoft b@stards But like the new Tomb Raider: Legends game should have been made for the transfer, expecially since its new. I know some days i have random updates on my xbox 360 for live, that kind of stuff. Could they have been trying to fix some of these problems? Thats what i've been...
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    [RANT] XBOX 360 Game Compatibility

    Even with some of the new regular xbox games will not play on the Xbox 360, is Microsoft really that power hungry. This really makes me mad because if there new then they should have made it equip with that. Why pay an extra $100 if the games wont play :@ its Bill Gate smashin time!
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    Halo Superjumps

    Is there any specific website or place that is only to halo's super jumps? I know quite a few but im always learning new ones from others online, and i'd like to know if they just find them out or prehaps a Bungie's developer gave out where these could be found at... i'll be doing searches as...
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    VB6 Constants

    This is a n00bie question but me nor a friend can find the code to "create" a constant for a program im trying to do. The constant is to initalize an array to carry a name from one form to another form as a random names for brackets.
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    King Kong help

    That just tells me that he'll start opening the door, you need two levers to start and the one is hidden behind some thorns that you cannot cross
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    King Kong help

    Ok im just a little past the millipede part and i need a fire to kill those thorns and i cannot find the fire, i see this door thing but i cannot get to it, is there like a climb button?
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    Xbox controllers...

    Psh if it was you i woulda burned your house down =D and most likely Tims
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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on XBL Arcade (petition)

    umm of course Mario, and Street Fighter 2, and the best MK was by far the 2nd but the 3rd is close... i like X-Men for SNES cant remember the name but i know theres 5 characters that go like Gabit, Cyclopes, Physlocke, Wolerine, Beast... im pretty sure... But TMNT had some good Arcade games...
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    Xbox controllers...

    lol yes i ment 360 and on friday after the supposed "fight" i went to Meijer to get another controller or the little get together and i ran across two being there... imagion that...
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    Xbox controllers...

    yay! i found mine but thats not the point... i have another friend that has the 260 and together we have 4 controllers, if i want two on mine and two on his we can do that, but if we want to put 1 on 1 tv and three on the other tv you cant just do that, you have to completely unplug one xbox...
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    Help with Doom 3

    I'm with my friend and where playing Doom 3 and where near the end or we think... its with the Guardian guy and the seekers, we just beasted the guy for like 10 minutes and he never died, do you kill him or what...
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    The new maps for halo 2

    Does nobody know anything about this? Its kinda odd that one has helped out at all :(
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    XBOX 360 in the Wild!

    Any clue when the 360 is coming out or how much it will cost... i think it will be 350-400 bucks :S
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    Wireless XBOX Controller?

    It is a nice controller it may lag on live but i dont get DSL where i'm located at... so yay, i am the one tittle was talking about... it works really great and i like it... the batteries tho you can go through it real fast depending how much you play, i'll use it everytime i play a game but i...
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    The new maps for halo 2

    on that level called Terminal on the red base on the second floor theres a vent at the ceiling... is there an easier way to get up there... i get a hog and push one of those green things up there... and since they blocked a lot of the parts out on the levels know anything else thats good? I...
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    A guy walks into a bar...

    Ok ok i got a play on joke here Questions: How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator? How do you put a girafffe into a refrigerator? There's a giant assemble for the animals (like lion king) all the animals are their but what one? Now people come across a lake that has alligators in...