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    Installing Vista on 4gb computer

    I am running vista64 bit ultimate, with 4 gigs of ram, and so far i havent had any issues with any application, or games. Any 32 bit apps install on the 32 bit program folder directory and work and behave like they do on a 32 bit OS, those apps that are made for 64bit OS's install on the...
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    Advisory: Stop buying creative audio products

    wow..i rarely post, specially when is simply a comment, but i feel i must now. I've been a creative user for many years, and probably 6 months ago bought what i believe is my last card...further more, i WILL call creative tomorrow and demand my money back, since ive been un able to use their...
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    Tomato 1.13 released

    is it much better than the official firmware? first time ive seen this.
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    The Official Windows Mobile Discussion Thread Best OS for the 8525.
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    World's best hacker

    LOL, this is clasic stuff....:laugh:
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    Merge two .avi files.

    Vivid you rule bro..that site rocks...thanks!
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    Merge two .avi files.

    So i have two 400mb video files (.avi) which i would like to merge into one of perhaps the same format (.avi). The files are recordings i made with my new video camera of a camping trip and i would like to make a dvd to give out to some of my friends who went along. Is there a decent app...
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    how to use dos

    make a boot will love this program to me.
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    Red eye removal app?....

    fellas.....thank you soo much.. I assumed that photoshop would have the tool to remove it, but i am soooooo ignorant when it comes down to picture editing that i would of never figured out how to use it. in any case, i suck at life, and google is your friend...
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    Red eye removal app?....

    Hello everyone, Quick question, I am looking for a easy to use program that might help me remove RED EYE effect from pictures (it seems i have a bad camera flash)..... Anyone has any recomendations? Thanks in advance..
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    ms outlook blocking files reg hack?....

    Hello everyone, I remember some time ago, someone having a reg edit that would eneable, or rather disable the security settings in outlook to block files such as a .exe or other that might be harmfull to the machine. I however need at times send and receive these kind of files, and would be...
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    Is EQ2 any good?

    Everquest......and everquest is the devil..
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    Winamp gone?

    one more f%%%ing reason to hate AOL....ugh...:mad:
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    .MSI Builders, suggestion...

    .MSI Builders, suggestions?... Simple question folks.... I am in search of a simple msi builder program to package some updates, etc, for my pcs, and personal knowledge. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Toothbrush overclock LOL to come later....and like holy ****..i will keep my 5 dollar regular non overclocked one :p ;) :D
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    9/11 Videos

    i have to say that those sites are the biggest load of crap, and fact bending missinformation that ive seen about 9-11 ever.... It is disturbing all of the information on the sites, and more what they are trying to say, that this was simply a goverment opperation that somehow the bush family...
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    [HOW TO] Concurrent Remote Desktop in SP2

    WOOOOOOOOTTTTT! I got this to work at home, and its great! No more kicking people off while they are working on my pc at home (I share it with mah family)...all programs run fine, and there is no crashing.... Also, there isnt (or doesnt seem to be at the moment) any heavy use of the CPU or...
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    Mr Honda, and God

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    I would like to request a moment of silence. 911 turns three ...

    Do i remember you ask? I was/worked a few blocks from the WTC towers, and what i remember most is not even the towers comming down, as i simply ran my ass off uptown as i could (a few of my friends and co-workers though it should be safer to head to the west side away from midtown, broadway...
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    Old SP2 Support Thread

    I seem to have an issue with the firewall, it gets disabled every time i reboot the pc, and after trying to enable it, it says it has to start the ICS service (yet there is not ICS service on my services MMC window) Cant seem to find an answer to this yet....:confused: