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    Very funny Audio commerical

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    Sites that pulled jokes for april fools

    Water found on Mars
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    any info on RJdW.exe

    I use Textscan a small free program to look inside dodgy exe's.
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    Help w/Icon Size in ...

    Show us a screen shot.
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    Funny Game

    Try spelling somthing before somebody pinches your letters HERE
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    autorun CD in XP?

    Check your Services and make sure Shell Hardware Detection is set to Automatic.
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    Handy Brouser Plugin

    Thanks for the explanation Fitz, I was in a bit of a hurry-sorry :o X-Istence This whole forum has links to other websites, sorry - SPAM.
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    Handy Brouser Plugin

    Link removed. This is considered link spamming. Also, it is not a browser plugin, it is just another website. Thank you. X-Istence
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    Weird File Keeps Appearing

    You might wanna try this.
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    VW "speed sender" question

    I agree with Gonadds, Ive pulled apart a few automatic gearboxs in my time and every one of them has a metal ring gear in it. I would take off VSS and look at the end of the shaft, it nearly always has a plastic gear on the end of it, IMHO this could be badly worn or a few teeth missing. This...
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    VW "speed sender" question

    Have a look HERE might find somthing. ;)
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    Right click problems

    Look in your Event Viewer it might tell you what is causing the problem.
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    .ogm too .avi what prog can do this.

    Try this one Not Free.
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    Registry Compactor.

    Ive used THIS for ages without any problems, but it doesnt start at boot.
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    BenQ flat panel display TFT - 17" Active Matrix

    I'd like to know how much movment your eyes can take in per/ms. I don't think I would see alot difference between 12ms & 8ms, what do you think?
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    Adware reg entries

    Thanks for the info, it's funny I could swear that Navexel was not there before I installed SP2.
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    Adware reg entries

    Just installed SP2 , I ran Adware and it came up with these Malware reg entries . I was wondering if anyone else has these entries after installing SP2 and running Adware ? If so do you know what they are? Started registry scan »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» NavExcel Object...
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    Monitor Blackout

    I had the same problem with my 17"BenQ LCD Monitor. I changed the timer display settings and have not had a black screen since. Heres my settings they might work for you.
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    sound file website?
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    Event Error

    Thanks for the first Link , I reinstalled my mouse driver and the error is gone. :D