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    hijack log...please help

    i do the scans and fix them but when i restart or shutdown my laptop they still are there...and i also have this annoying like sound clip sounds like an hear the sound but no pic...i also have this werid little white line on the top of my desktop..can get rid of it...please...
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    Looking for Sidekick 2 Drivers

    can someone please give me a link to sidekick 2 drivers where i can dl please!! i want to save my pics on the computer! where can i find them please help!
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    hd benchmarks results are slower than what the drive really is! please help.

    thanks so much for your input and info leejend.. ne other help or adivce people of whats wrong or what i can do?
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    hd benchmarks results are slower than what the drive really is! please help.

    i have a wd 250gb 16mb 7200 sataII 3.0gb hd and its on a promise controller card. sata 300 tx2 i think is the model. ne ways i did a benchmark on it using this prog called everest ultimate edition by lavalys. i have the latest ver. and so i did the test for my disks. and like the max speed was...
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    1gb stick wont work in my laptop

    so what should i do then if i cant adjust timings? cause i put just the one stick in in slot 1 didnt work..same thing for slot 2 didnt work..and mixing it with one of the micron tech 256 making it 1.2gb ram...didnt work. so will it work if i use another brand you think? and whats that 512k test...
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    1gb stick wont work in my laptop

    my specs on my laptop... Intel® Pentium 4 Processor at 3.0 GHz with 800 MHz Front Side Bus and Hyper-Threading technology SiS 648FX/963L Two available DIMM slots to upgrade to 2 GB total memory (DDR333); 256 MB minimum memory. have 2x256 right now ddr333 pc2700 windows xp pro sp2 and its not...
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    1gb stick wont work in my laptop

    it must be the memory meaning? what? what do i do?
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    1gb stick wont work in my laptop

    i bought a stick of ram a few months back..and it wasnt working. ive posted on some forums but none of them were hopefully this site can. i have a fujitsu n5010 laptop and it can hold 2 gigs of ram. when i bought it, it came with 512mb (2x256) pc2700 ddr333. its from micron...
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    MGS2: Substance for PC

    the game is fine when playing and stuff i just wondering how i can fix a small graphic problem when using the codec the faces arent showing only otocon's glasses are no other pics how do i fix this so the game will be perfect.. im using a pny nvidia geforce 3 ti500 titanium Video card so i cant...