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    Im there but it doesnt give me the option to enable it.
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    IM trying to enable DMA on my dvd rom. im not able to find the option. i know it should be in the advance tap, but on my computer there is no advance option. Any ideas ?
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    Overclocking FSB

    Question, I have a asus a7n8x Dx with amd 2400 multiplier 8*15 FSB at 133. When i look at the system properties it does show it is the speed at 2.14. When i change the FSB to 140 and i check the system properties it still show2.14. I go back into the BIOS and FSB is clocked to 140. My question...
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    Athlon 64 FX

    WHat is the FSB of the athlon 64 3000 and the FX ?
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    THermaltake Volcano 11 getting 55c idle

    Will do, thanks...
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    THermaltake Volcano 11 getting 55c idle

    SWEET, i reseated that bad boy and getting 43c idle, 49 loaded. That's alot better than 55c idle. Ahole 12 degress c
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    THermaltake Volcano 11 getting 55c idle

    I know there is not a set answer to this question, but around what temp "ball park figure" should i be getting ?
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    THermaltake Volcano 11 getting 55c idle

    I have a Thermaltake Volcano 11 and getting around 55c idle. im thinking that's not normal. Any ideas? Im running AMD XP 2400 o.c. at 2600.
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    Water Cooling Options

    What is a good water cooling system that is easy to install "first water cooling try" and under $200 if possible? What's better, water cooling or peltier systems?
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    Aerocool DP-102

    Can someone tell me how this compare to other good AMD hsf ?
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    Which video card do you use?

    I have ATI 9700pro AIW using CATALYST 4.1