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  1. mikefletcher85

    Nero 7 Batch Recording

    but each dvd is different...
  2. mikefletcher85

    Nero 7 Batch Recording

    Is there a way to set up a batch recording in Nero 7? for example... I have like 10-15 DVD's i need burnt.. i was wondering if i can save each compiliation to a job... then execute the job, then the only interaction i need to do is to change out the DVDs for the blank one
  3. mikefletcher85

    Windows XP Start Menu, adding folders to the right had side

    I know this is an old post, but im trying to get My Videos next to My Computer.. but i see its a lil tougher then i first had thought. But here is a question.. i care more about "My Videos" then "My Pictures" is there a way to edit the path for "My Pictures" in the start menu so that i could...