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    9800 PRO vs 5900XT

    I am guessing that the new series of cards from both ATI and nVidia will be available in both the agp and pci express versions (this is true for the X800Pro as well as the GeForce 6800 Ultra) but as the switch to the pci express standard moves on, it would be a wise investment to to buy a...
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    9800 PRO vs 5900XT

    ATI will be releasing 3 series of cards the X800, the X600 and the X300. The Radeon X800XT will be clocked at 500MHz with memory clocked at 1000 MHz, the X800Pro will be clocked at 475MHz with memory clocked at 900MHz. There is also a rumor that there will be a X800XT platinum edition with...
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    9800 PRO vs 5900XT

    Why not get a a new ATI X800 XT or the cheaper X800 Pro they are now available for purchase on the ATI site. If your budget does not allow it you could wait a couple of weeks untill they release the X600 series of cards there will be 2 versions of these cards available as well, the X600 XT and...
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    Restart Problems?

    I have been having some problems with my computer lately and am not sure what's causing it. Its fine when running (windows XP) but if I try to restart the computer is shuts down normally but will not restart,it just hangs there the fans still spinning, I have to hold the power button in for 4...