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    Replacing HD

    All UDMA cables 'should' support cable select. It would need to be a very old machine not to have one of these cables.
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    Anon Login on my PC

    I don't think there is much to worry about. The above event is for a Logoff. The clue here is 'Logon Type: 3' which is generated for a logoff, net disconnection or an autodisconnect. This could be for a user or a system process. Any software that uses the system user account will use a null...
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    AMD in Deal to Build Chip Factory in New York

    It will actually be robots building them ;)
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    partition strategy please

    I always store my files on a non OS partition or network drive, saves ALOT of hassle if you need to re-install. You could then reduce the size of your C partition to 15-20 gigs and add a fourth partition for all your files at around 40-45 gigs.
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    Windows Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 (5346.5)

    Go into Tools > Internet Options... On the General tab click the Settings button for tabs and make sure 'Enable Tabbed Browsing' is ticked.
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    Need some advice with Motherboard..

    What revision of the board do you have? According to Intel the later revisions support your processor
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    Needs some help with Gaming Experience

    You would probably need to replace your MB, CPU and memory to get you started.
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    Its started again...

    Have you checked to see if the GFX card fan is spinning?
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    Internet Usage Tool

    I didn't mean they weren't entitled to kick you off their service, this I know. Just meant that there are so many good deals and it is so easy to switch to another ISP free of charge that it's no big deal if you go over your limit. ;)
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    Internet Usage Tool

    IMHO if your ISP don't provide you with a tool or don't provide you with information and a warning before you go over the limit then it is their problem not yours. Switch to a different provider who does provide this facility and inform your current provider why you are switching. Their are some...
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    Startup Problem

    AZ, he/she just said they tried Safemode with the cmd prompt with no expaination of what they did, I was just suggesting they try something as I'm not a mind reader. When I give a suggestion, I make sure I READ THE WHOLE POST.
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    Startup Problem

    F8 on startup into Safe Mode, go into the c drive, go into Documents and Settings, into the users folder, Start Menu, Programs, Startup and delete the shortcut. Then bang your head against the wall and ask WHY DID YOU DO THIS! ;)
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    Extended Windows Screen

    As long as your graphix card supports dual monitors it shouldn't be a problem. You may have to open it in a window first if you can and move it across though. After that it should always open on the second screen.
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    Question About Temp File Extensions

    All temporary internet files should be safe to delete. They are just cached files from the websites you visit. The file extentions you mention are just web pages or files that are called up within web pages. In theory these files speed up browsing when visiting the same websites often, but in...
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    Remote assistance uses port 135 and works on a ticket based system.
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    real player files

    hehe... If you HAVE to use R***P***** then use Real Alternative instead. Plus it supports WPI playlists (I think) ;)
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    Are these machines loging onto a domain? If so the Group Policy will be taken from the domain login server NOT the local machine. GP needs to be set for the user group to allow remote assistance on the domain not the local machine. By opening the two ports above, have you enabled them in...
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    Computer repair

    I feel better now :)
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    Logitech's answer to Razer Copperhead

    I'm so used to the forward/back buttons that when I use a normal mouse I still try to use them :crosseyed:
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    Adobe PDF - need to print 3 copies by default - HELP!

    Can't be done as far as I know. There are many applications that let the end user control batch print jobs though. The easiest way would be to repeat the contents of the PDF three times within the document.