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    windows update

    cheers for the heads up, i wont rush to install these any time soon.
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    soundstorm, rear speakers not working?

    hey i'm just using a 2.1 setup, but also plugging my stereo into the rear speaker output, everything was working ok, dono what the hell i did.. playing around with something, now the rear speakers (stereo) gets nothing.... (motherboard = nf7-s) i'm sure i've set everything ok, maybe...
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    Windows crashing - Blue Screen

    usually the top part of the error helps the most... it tells you what has encountered the error...
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    Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

    i liked it better than outcast, dif saber styles and general combat action was a lot better i think. very easy though.
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    Burning Gaames

    alcohol 120% is what i use, along with clony to find out what cd protection it's using. saved me from having to buy 2nd copy of the game, cd got all scratched, but cd writer could copy all the files.
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    Search Engine for MirC

    my favourite is very similar to packet news n such.