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    Sata2 drives keeps bumping down to sata1 speed

    I just bought a new WD2500ks sata ii drive and plugged it into my mobo along with my current seagate sata 1 drive. I checked the device manager and I notice that the speed on the WD keeps getting downgraded to sata 1.5gb due to "errors" and if I bump it back up to 3.0gb it will eventually bump...
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    Where to get new radeon power cord?

    thanks guys, just thought of that myeslf. yea, my PS has the connector, just never thought about it since it came with its own adapter. Thanks for the info though.
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    Where to get new radeon power cord?

    I recently moved and had taken out all the cards from inside my computer and packed them away separately for the move. Now that I'm putting everything back into my computer, I've found that the power connector to my Radeon 9500 Pro is missing. I get a message saying the card will not work...
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    Leave onboard sound or install old card?

    It's an old sound blaster live! value pci card, probably from around 1998/99. I was just wondering if it would give them better sound relative to the onboard sound.
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    Leave onboard sound or install old card? I bought this mobo to build a quality but low priced system for my sis and her husband to do work and play games on (he likes battlefield and games like that). I'm setting it up with a 2500+ and 2x256 pc3200 ram...
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    What kind of protection for City of Heroes?

    I'm looking to buy City of Heroes but I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of copy protection the game uses? With kids around, I always run the risk of my discs getting snatched and messed with, so before I plunk down a big chunk of change, I like to have a copy to play off of...
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    how to get 2500+ to OC from 3000+ to 3200+ ?

    I have a athlon xp 2500+ that I've had for over a year and finally decide to try overclocking and seeing what it could do. I tried upping the FSB to 200mhz and lowering my multiplier to 10.5 and hit 3000+ easily with my Corsair XMS pc2700 (2x256) in dual channel. The setup ran stable, and with...
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    SATA vs. EIDE?

    Will the hard drive come with the new cable I will need? I'm planning on buying an OEM Seagate 120GB SATA drive off newegg. Is there just the SATA cord? or is there anything else I will need to get it to work on my Asus a7n8x-dlx?
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    SATA vs. EIDE?

    Another question: Gonna upgrade my HD, looking to spend just $100 or so. Kind of locked on to a 120GB Seagate 8mb drive. I've always liked Seagate because of their decent speed and quiet operation. Anyhow, newegg has both a SATA and regular IDE version for the same price. I have an Asus...
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    Any major difference between Arctic Silver III and V?

    Is there any major improvement in temps between using arctic silver III vs V? Just wondering, need to buy some more and found III for cheap and V for about twice the price ($3 vs about $7 +s/h). Is V significantly better at lowering temps?
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    17" or 19" LCD Monitor?

    I'm planning on upgrading from my Samsung 19" CRT monitor to an LCD screen. I'm trying to decide between a 19" or 17" LCD. My main concern is that I've read that some of the bigger LCDs around 19" don't do games very well and that ghosting due to lower response times are a problem. I do...
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    Which 9800 Pro to get?

    I'm going to be upgrading to a Radeon 9800 Pro in the next week or two, and after looking over Newegg, I was wondering what the differences are between the ATI brand 9800 Pro (128MB version) and the 3 or 4 9800 Pro 128MB cards from Saphire and Powercolor? ATI has just one, but Saphire seems...
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    How to get gigabit ethernet?

    Just wondering if anyone could help me out with some info on gigabit ethernet. I see all these new mobos with built-in gigabit ethernet ports, and gigabit ethernet NICs arn't too expensive either. What I'm wondering is will I need to find and purchase a gigabit capable router to connect to...
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    Worth it to upgrade from pc2700 to pc3200?

    I just got a athlonXP 3000+ 400fsb cpu to upgrade my system (friend sold me his cheap, since he was moving up to athlon64). My current cpu is an athlonXP 2500+ with 2x256mb of corsair xms pc2700 memory. My question is, will I get a significant speed increase if I upgrade to pc3200 ram to...
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    xp 3000+ or 64 2800+?

    I currently am running an AthlonXP 2500+ barton on an asus a7n8x-dlx rev.2 with 2 sticks of 256 Corsair XMS pc2700. I've decided to make a relatively minor upgrade to my system and have narrowed it down to one of two options and was wondering what you guys thought would be the best option...