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    MMORPG v Standard RPG?

    Lord, do you work for NCSoft or something? I just realized i addressed you as Lord, clever nickname in that sense...heh
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    Early Stanley Cup Favorites?

    thats the annoying noise i was referring to! yeah i know thats why im so p'd about the ducks, they are looking solid. at least the dodgers have it over the angels this year ( if they make the playoffs :/ ) man i hate anaheim fans ;)
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    Early Stanley Cup Favorites?

    The Mild will have to pick up their production to make the playoffs, but Dmitra and Gaborik are a nice 2/3 of a top line.. Same with Tanguay and Iginla....lots of potential for offense there.
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    MMORPG v Standard RPG?

    Yeah if MMORPGs didnt have monthly fees id probably check them out more. When I beta tested Ultima Online back in the late 90s it was some of the most fun I've had playing a game. I guess I'm just more into exploration, plot, battle and inventory strategies these days... But yeah the...
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    Nintendo Wii Hands On?

    I've read stuff from the big sites, but its all uniformly positive and i cant help but think its all marketing related... Has anyone seen some truly independent hands on write ups?
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    Go Reds !!!

    haha i thought it was Cincy too i wanted to come in and say Go Dodgers! oh well, guess ill go annoy another thread
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    Early Stanley Cup Favorites?

    Hard to predict anymore But I have a feeling NJ will have a bounce back year out West. And because I hate them, I'm sure the Ducks will make some noise, some really annoying noise.
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    New Weird Al Song

    Its better than the hacks that make parodies for SNL and various amatuer internet sites... but i still feel like Weird Al is "edgy" humor for home school kids. i guess its just too lame for a howard stern and mr. show fan to each his own right?
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    Beer League

    Can't wait for this to hit L.A. !
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    MMORPG v Standard RPG?

    Anyone else totally still prefer standard RPGs? With all that goes on in MMORPGs, including real people and the intrinsicly low priority storylines, I get taken out of the experience very quickly. I still prefer the immersion of a standard RPG.