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    it has been 2 years!

    hello, how are you guys! my last login Welcome, Octopus. You last visited: March 23rd, 2005 at 9:21am Private Messages: Unread 0, Total 0. good to see this site is running still:)...I have forgotten many members but I still remember that Sazar who made me pick up ATI 9700pro...
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    How does google work? have fun reading it
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    how can I remove the windows flag?

    from both,the explorer and IE?
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    Wallpapers... Post and Request

    I remebmber the guy very was Zodiac,he got himself a new pc and a new child and then he disappeared
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    problem with "My Pictures" folder...sp2 related problem

    whenever I add pictures to "my pictures" desktop tab becomes full of wallpapers(right click on desktop---properties---desktop tab) is there a way to disable that?
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    file won't delete

    1-open the task manager 2-open cmd (go to run and type "cmd") with task manager close "explorer.exe" in the cmd window type del [name of your file] you need to browse the location of your file for exaple if it's in your C: drive type cd C and hit enter cd command is used to brosw...
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    Problems with Null

    I know I am to late but it's been a while since I posted something here :p to get rid of this problem use "iif function" it's not if statement do it like this [code] id.text = iif(IsNull(DE1.rsDataBase("ID")),empty,DE1.rsDataBase("ID")) note that: rsDataBase = is a recordset DE1 is...
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    Far Cry - Silly System Requirements

    if you're going to get FF 11.then get the ps2 version...Square and Sony will make online gameplay better than the pc bugs too.
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    NV40 specs?

    well,I expected better than that!from the benchmark I can judge that the next generation of video cards will not take teh gaming industry to the next level,but rather to another step :eek: I am going to spend my money on consoles next time. my 9700pro is still rockin' and
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    March Desktops

    EDIT: ouh I just noticed the upper post with the link! can you plaese give that wallpaper? you can attach it here it's a nice uploader for jpeg ;)
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    Cd menus

    I found this website but it's not free
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    Ad Muncher v4.52 Beta 1

    I use MyIE2 browser and I don't see any adds with it :) the new generation of web browsers have built-in Add-Block.even MS will do it in the next SP2.
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    Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory game FREE Client

    no i uninstalled the original a while ago if you are going to play it next time get a pen and write down some ips from the list:)
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    Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory game FREE Client

    yes I don't get anything from the built in browser.
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    Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory game FREE Client

    I just finished downloading.Does the built in servers browser work for you because I can't see any numbers there..also I tried All Seeing Eyes and I can't get a working server I always get a message says "server is full or unresponsive waiting for a slot to open"....and then I tried the gamespy...
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    rage3d gone?

    works for me:rolleyes:
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    Matrix Reloaded - SPOILERS Included!

    The Matrix Reloaded (2003) - 49 mistakes
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    Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory game FREE Client

    I am downloading it for the second time..the first time I got a bad exe file :( and now 4 hours left hopefully I get a working exe file.
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    CPU Temperature?

    I think mine is at 100...believe me you dont want to touch the case.Yesterday I got the PSU burned
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    EXCLUSIVE PowerDVD5 Screenshots

    *back from death*