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    Application starts up then dies - why?

    Do you have a legal copy of your game? Sometimes software makers will include a "call home" feature that will check with their website if you have a valid serial number. The software shuts down if you have an unauthorized version. Another problem may be a bad memory chip. I had this problem...
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    Weird story/problem

    That drive is toast. Spend the $49 and get a new 40 gig drive. It'll be much faster and you won't get any errors. I'm assuming that your RAM is in good working order. Bad RAM can cause the OS installation to stop. Don't know about the boot order thing though.
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    Actual AT&T conversation on my friends website

    One of my favorite pastimes is to string telemarketers along like that. I've had some of them threaten me, start crying or hang up in frustration. I really miss the challenge since the "Do Not Call" list went into effect.
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    one more janet closeup

    Oops, I mean the London Bridge. The Londong Bridge is in West Hollywood, California.
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    one more janet closeup

    Gonzo, we already own part of the Londong Bridge. It's set up at Lake Havasu in Arizona.
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    Dont Eat Bananas

    Racial stereotyping should not be tolerated in this news group.
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    Student Loans

    As a father with two kids in college in California, may I put my 2 cents in here? 1: $20-30,000 of debt is about average for one year of schooling these days if you go through the University of California (UC) system. That includes schools like UCLA, UC Berkeley, etc. Prices are substantially...
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    Sound Adjustment

    Not to sound silly or anything, but are the all sliders turned up on the Volume Control icon in the quick launch tool bar? Are the speakers turned on? Or if you have a fade control, make sure it is set to the front. If that doesn't help, set it to the rear. Need more info.
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    Where do i find...

    OK, found this thread which may help. There's a message toward the end of the thread that seems to solve the question. Hope this helps.
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    Where do i find...

    A little more detail please.
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    Need an old HP 5 scanner driver

    Thanks for the reply, but isn't the Laserjet 5L a laser printer? I am looking for a Scanjet scanner driver. They have similar part numbers, but I don't think a printer driver will operate a scanner. I checked your link and sure enough, it's a printer driver. Thanks for the attempt though.
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    connecting to aol without the software

    Okay, just one question and I'll leave this alone: WHY would anyone WANT to log onto AOL? I mean if you're totally inept, then maybe consider it, but otherwise....awfuggetaboutit.
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    Need an old HP 5 scanner driver

    Is there a driver designed specifically for Win XP for the HP 5 scanner? I have one that sort of works in XP that was designed for Win 2000, but it needs a few work-arounds to function properly. HP never developed a driver for XP, but I was wondering if any other scanner driver would work.
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    Help please! I have a keylogger trojan.

    o0RaidR0o, Thanks for the information. You are correct in that I am using Win XP Pro as my OS. Norton does cause some slowdown of the system, but I've always found several of the tools to be useful. I don't install everything, just Utilities, AV and Cleansweep. You're right about scandisk...
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    Help please! I have a keylogger trojan.

    Enyo, I scanned my system with TDS-3 and it found the keylogger. It was disguised as a .tmp file, of all things. Once I was rid of that, I was able to get Norton AV to run and it found 3 other viruses that were promptly quarantined. I also searched the registry for the files names and found...
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    Help please! I have a keylogger trojan.

    Thanks Enyo. I'll give it a go tonight. I hope to find the culprit without having to redo the entire drive. It's 9:20 in the morning here (southern California, USA) so I'll have to wait a while.
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    Help please! I have a keylogger trojan.

    Thanks for the response. I tried Trend microvirus last night and it didn't find anything. I know I'm still infected since I can hear the hard drive run with each key stroke. And Norton still doesn't work. I did find a few new pieces of information today that I'll try tonight. At this point...
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    Help please! I have a keylogger trojan.

    According to Norton, my system is infected with the Keylogger.trojan virus and I can't seem to find it. It seems to prevent Norton Systmworks from starting and is hiding from all the antivirus checks I've run. I've tried Spybot, The Cleaner, Norton Antivirus, two on-line virus and trojan checks...
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    The Effects of the Internet on Popular Culture...

    Just my $.02 worth. The reason I frequent message boards is to solve my computer's technical problems when I don't know the answer and to give advice where I can. I find that people tend to be very helpful on-line and are really appreciative when you can solve a problem for them. I check and...
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    Adobe Reader and a PDF file

    If you only need to convert a few pages of your document, print them from Acrobat and just scan the sections you want. Some pdf's can't be opened and some are protected so you can't copy text. Printing is nice and clean and makes a very easily scanned page. Other than that, unless you have Adobe...