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  1. Weasel

    Internet Explorer 6 and Windows Media Player 10 for the Mac?

    Speaking of which, Live Mail has to be one of the ugliest things I've ever seen...
  2. Weasel

    Quick question for PSU

    Yes it can make your video choppy like a damaged card. I've seen a faulty/worn out power supply do some weird things (ever seen the Windows95 blue bar turn green?).
  3. Weasel

    Static IP question

    Just remember to keep it out of the DHCP range or you're going to run into problems. You should also be able to setup a static IP using the dhcp server according to your MAC address somewhere in the router settings.
  4. Weasel

    Uninstallable hardware

    Sounds more like they need to install their chipset drivers. Do what lancer said (or even just a motherboard model).
  5. Weasel

    Suggest a good free Defrag program for XP

    I'm surprised no-one mentioned this... the built-in Windows defrag is just a hacked up version of Diskeeper and yes, it's very good.
  6. Weasel

    Windows media player(Broken) ?

    System restore? Seems rather inconvenient if you ask me... Here's Microsoft's official way to uninstall WMP11. Apparently it's supposed to rollback to whatever you had installed previously.
  7. Weasel

    Annoying "Generic Host Process" problem.

    Cool, glad it's working for you now. Yup, no problem; that's what we're here for. :)
  8. Weasel

    August 2006 Desktop Screenshots

    Some really nice customization here; always interesting to see what other people do to their desktop. I'm very minimalistic. Yes, that's Win2k Pro you see. :p Icons - Nitrogen Wallpaper - Greg Martin - does some amazing stuff.
  9. Weasel

    Annoying "Generic Host Process" problem.

    It might actually be ICS. Let me do a little research. Update: Seems a ton of junk is tied to that service. Look at your event logs for anything unusual. Worst comes to worst, reinstall ICS or install some NAT program and see if it goes away.
  10. Weasel

    routers + modem + home-hosting

    Maybe I should clarify then. VerizonDSL does not block port 80. :)
  11. Weasel

    Annoying "Generic Host Process" problem.

    Ah, the original post was unclear about that. What network card are you using? The card could be faulty or it might need a driver update (assuming you're using a LAN connection to connect to the internet).
  12. Weasel

    Search Engines!

    Check out HotScrips' PHP search engines section. You'll have to sift through some crap but there are some true gems on that site. You might have a problem finding a true web search engine (most are designed solely for the website the script is used on) simply because running a spider to scan...
  13. Weasel

    routers + modem + home-hosting

    Verizon currently does not block port 80. Interesting they'd send you a Westell. I've had Verizon for... a long time now (was in their ADSL beta test with Microsoft back before they bought GTE) and they gave me an ugly looking Fuji DSL modem and tried to send me a Linksys BEFSR41 router...
  14. Weasel

    Switching IP's

    Verizon will most likely send you a Linksys BEFSR41 (that's what they sent me and everyone else I know who has them in and out of state). I have a personal vendetta against those things and highly recommend going out and buying something reliable like a D-Link DI-604 or building a little zombie...
  15. Weasel

    Annoying "Generic Host Process" problem.

    Sounds more like a hardware issue (I'd guess ram) if anything. Download a ram tester like Memtest86 (the bootable one, not the windows one) run it, and see what it comes up with.
  16. Weasel

    PS3: Size matters?

    That thing's an utter monstrosity (weighs quite a bit too); with any luck, if that is a picture of the final PS3, it'll be at least lighter and nicer to look at.
  17. Weasel

    PS3: Size matters?

    So it'll be just a smidge bigger than the older "fat" PS2s...
  18. Weasel

    Free High-Resolution Widescreen Wallpaper

    So is anything in "high quality". Personally, I think the low-quality ones look just fine since I like a slight blur to backgrounds anyway.
  19. Weasel

    Anon Login on my PC

    This is coming from the ad system on the site. It doesn't come up all the time; only sometimes. Anyway, I've started a thread about it here
  20. Weasel


    Update: It's definately the ad system but which ones exactly I'm not sure. Update 2: After a little more research it turns out to be related to the "Hoax.SWF.Alerter.a" which lancer found on his machine in this thread. Unfortunately, a Google search turns up nothing useful except for...