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    Star Wars: Battlefront

    Any game that lets me pick off ewoks and/or jawa's from 200 yards is a great game in my book..
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    doom 3 patch 1.1 whats fixed ;)

    Also enables net_allowcheats 1 to work for online weapon spawning, or whatever you want.. :)
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    Star Wars: Battlefront

    Battlefield engine? Its using its own engine, lol. "Is Star Wars Battlefront using the same engine from an existing game? No, the engine for Star Wars Battlefront is a brand new engine developed by Pandemic Studios."
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    Active Desktop Problem...

    Im trying to use a webpage as an active desktop item. Problem is, whenever I go and set the webpage up in Customize Desktop under display properties, the webpage appears as a little box on my desktop. I've tried editing the webpage, trying to resize it, etc etc... still shows up as a little box...
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    Anyway to fix MPEG codex?

    Um, this might sound strange, but Windows media player started acting up. It refuses to play some MPEG encoded movies, crashing with a 0X0000000 something error. They play fine in quicktime... :S Anyone know how to fix this? I tried reinstalling Windows Media Player 9, and playing the...
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    strange explorer crash... thumbnailed folder...

    Well, I have several folders with lots of movies and pictures, and well... I was viewing the movie one today, and it crashed on me... and then the picture one crashed on me too when I tried to view it... o_O gave me this... hmm... this is the first time its ever happened... Im...
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    Mouse Key binding program.. :S

    intellimouse optical
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    Mouse Key binding program.. :S

    Being the idiot I am, I installed Intellipoint 5.0, without reading beforehand what evil it possessed. Microsoft, for some god unknown reason, removed the mouse button to key binding thingy for specific programs... now im stuck, and im looking for something that would bind my mouse buttons 4 +...
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    Looking for a good freeware registry cleaner.

    thanks, ill take a look. :)
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    Looking for a good freeware registry cleaner.

    Whats the name of the product?
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    Looking for a good freeware registry cleaner.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a good freeware registry cleaner? :) Im using XP, if that makes a difference.
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    Font Size Problem In IE

    Um... I was sorta fooling around in IE using Ctrl + the Mouse wheel button... and i changed all the fonts to a smaller size... problem is, now some sites look wierd, and i have to manually resize to a bigger size, then back to a smaller one after that... :( Any way to restore my "font...
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    Logitech Wingman 3D Force Feedback question...

    My friend has one of these, and he keep bitching about it, because he cant use it in non force-feedback games because of the electronically controlled dead-zone... Any way to use a program or 3rd party utility to make the dead-zone work on non force feedback games?
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    DHCP Client on XP wont start.. :(

    We already did that. Service still doesnt start.
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    DHCP Client on XP wont start.. :(

    After that, we check dependencies... Which is practically greek to me... So, now im stuck.. :S
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    DHCP Client on XP wont start.. :(

    Whenever i try to start DHCP client on a friends comp, it spits out this...
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    what company makes the best hard drives??

    Im betting there are no "best ones", cause everyone will have their own opinion on them... I've always liked Maxtor over WD, and my friend always liked WD over Maxtor... its just a matter of taste.... I am betting though, that some manufacturers you should stay away from... (dont know which...
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    3D house design

    3d home architect... is one i remember.
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    Emulators trying to connect

    Virus, Trojan? who knows.... lol Did you scan them before running them?
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    XP not saving folder view options... :S

    actually, i figured it out a few minutes before i read this.... :o It was an option in Advanced XP Tweak.... :S "Clear Explorer and Desktop settings at Logon" :p